Tim Brando on Bo's show yesterday..

He offered his take on Arkansas vs. Butler…a tossup. If Arkansas wins and plays Purdue…Brando says we are done that Purdue is too good inside for us. He is a pretty sharp guy, but he is just another opinion. I miss Tim doing the old JP telecast with Joe Dean. They both liked Arkansas, and always treated us well, unless we played LSU. Both were Tiger fans, unfortunately.

Tim does a lot of Big Ten and ACC games. He knows those teams well, but he does not see SEC basketball much anymore.

Tim, like most CBS analysts, has a bias towards the SEC. he’s been badgering them all year, in both football and basketball.

I keep telling all of you to do more research on Butler. Butler ended the season on the downswing (4-6) and isn’t a great team away from home (6-10, we went 8-9).

Don’t get too excited about Purdue either. They don’t like up and down games. We can speed them up, Nova , the one seed, has the same issues. They’re lucky enough to get WVU.

I hear this all the time that “we can speed them up”
I haven’t really seen that play out much.

To me, it is much easier to control tempo if you are trying to slow it than vice-versa.

Seen too many games where we get stagnant in the half-court, which leads to poor shooting, which means we cannot press, which means the tempo stays slow.

Not saying that is the way it will play out, we have definitely been down this road many times before.

You maybe correct, but most on here are looking up stats, PPG, RPG, best players, yada, yada. Even, most analysts are sayin how great Butler is and “how much better” they are than us. They’re completely ignoring who is playing the best right now. It ain’t Butler.

As for Purdue, a few weeks ago, I wanted to avoid them at all costs. Now, I’m seeing a lot of season records. IMO, Purdue isnt quite as good as some are giving the credit for. Mich St won the regular season title and they are a 3 seed, while Purdue is a 2. One of those teams may be overrated the other underrated.

Just off the top of my head teams that we sped up and wore them down and their coaches gave credit for doing this… Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Texas A&M, Bucknell, and I’m sure if I really looked at the schedule and compared teams normal pace compared to when they play us I could post several more. Despite what some fans think of our style of play it’s still highly effective and teams that are not use to playing as fast as us really struggle. Butler’s coach even spoke on this trying to get his team prepared for us and simulating how fast we will play at his practices.

Good. Let them talk about how great Butler is. I hope Butler listens real attentively. Then we’ll see who really is the best team.

Michigan State is a 3-seed because its nonconference schedule was not good. That was not the fault of Michigan State so much as it was that Notre Dame and UConn ended up having bad years. Michigan State also got DePaul at the PK80 when Georgetown backed out. Georgetown was not good this year, but it was better than DePaul at 11-20.

Purdue ended up with more challenging games against Arizona, Tennessee, Louisville and Butler. It also made the Big Ten Tournament final, whereas Michigan State lost in the semifinals. All of that added up to Purdue getting a better seed despite losing to Michigan State on the road - a great game, by the way, that ended with a last-second shot for the win.

Lunardi has us losing to Butler barely. Hmmm