Tight ends

What I have seen from Georgia, Michigan and Utah are killer tight ends. I know Dowell has some great ones committed. They can’t get here soon enough.


Yep when you involve the tight end in the passing game it opens it up for everybody else.


Was thinking same thing watching those games yesterday. Maybe one of these new ones develops into a Hunter Henry type…we can only hope!


I think you can add Notre Dame to that list.

What are your thoughts on Knox. Does he not get open? Just seems like we don’t utilize the position enough and I don’t know why.

Hope we game plan for them as well as many of the playoff teams do.

Knox has worked himself into being a good tight end. He’s not a natural like Hasz coming in next year but I thought we could have thrown the ball a lot more to him.
We will have several good ones coming in next yr so there will be no reason whatsoever not to include them in the pass game

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Big if is do any of them really have great hands. I do not see great production from the ones we have committed. Maybe its a QB problem we can hope.

Travis Kelce may be the best player in the NFL. He is the key to the Chiefs winning after Mahomes. The tight end for Georgia is a similar player, maybe not as explosive or powerful as Kelce, but just as valuable to the Bulldogs.

Arkansas needs that stud tight end to make our offense complete. We also need to use him as a weapon and throw to him frequently. Go down the middle of the field.

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Hasz is probably the top ranked TE we are bringing in and they just do not use him in the passing game that much because he is such a dominant run blocker but he appears to have very good hands when they do throw it to him. More of a scheme thing with that team than him IMO


I described Hasz somewhere as not “not as big in the britches” as he needs to be. He is listed at 240! I don’t think he plays at that, maybe more like 220. But at 240 he would be a load.

DJ Williams was, what 6-1 1/2 240. Hope Hasz is similar.

Dang, it’s not the just the passing game. It’s the run game, too. If there was one thing this Arkansas team did not have on the goal line it was two blocking tight ends. You done need one. You need two. Watch Georgia and Michigan. Michigan opened second half last night with two tight ends to same time then ran to that side.

Yeah I don’t think he’s 240 either I think he’s probably 220 225 but he plays the game with a nasty streak. Has good form and good leg drive when he blocks and he is a finisher was very impressed with his blocking ability. Has very good speed could be a difference Maker if used properly like a Kelce


So is Hudson Henry’s career over?

Watching games this weekend it’s obvious we’re way behind in TE performance. Saw some big athletic guys who could catch and block. We need some more Ben Cleveland types (or older Henry). Sealing the corners for ballcarriers. Ben was a nice part of Dmac, Jones and Hillis production.


I wish Cheyenne O’Grady and Austin Cantrell would have had a more functional team around them. Both of those guys had amazing upside.

Hudson Henry is said to have a nice career job lined up with Tyson and is calling it quits on the gridiron.

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Good for Hudson. A fine young man.

@LDhog, I always root for our guys, even if they do not have success on the field.

The portal challenges that! Hard to root for Mike Woods or Joe Foucha at the time, but I got over both pretty quickly. Slusher? That chapped me pretty good. Maybe, in time, I’ll get over that as well. It used to be a kid transferred after the season, only, and it was not based on shenanigans, $$, etc., but on playing time, system, relationship with a coach, or proximity to home. Those things all resonate with me still. In the end, Foucha and Brooks (for example) went back home to their dream school. Hard not to understand that.

For Henry, he realized his career has peaked. Time to move on before an injury that hobbles him the rest of his life. And, if he has a serious girlfriend they can think about settling down sooner rather than later. All playing careers end some day. It is really tough on many of them - I wish Henry the best making that transition.


Love Knox but 2 of kj’s interceptions hit him right in the hands…also missed several key blocks this year…