Tight ends

Here are a couple of items on tight ends today from Tom Murphy and Dudley Dawson.

Tom’s article really, really brings home, how much playing for the home state means, and how much brotherly love there is on this team and the Henry family.

great, read, thanks so much for the personal touch, Tom!


Great article man, I love big Kern & Henry! TE room found a new leader in Kennedy and they will be a force in our passing & run blocking game. Finally!

Really looking forward to seeing how Outley fits in, he is a beast, Henry can be a big weapon if used right and can stay healthy.

He needs to get in the best shape of his life to contribute any this year, I expect him to redshirt.

That would be a shame if he can’t play this year. He has the ability, just needs to adapt to speed and physicality of D1 Football, but Henry didn’t play so maybe he will RS

Pretty sure we will see him in parts of at least four games as he “Redshirts” per the new rules, more if he contributes.