Tiger's even par at Masters through 4

Four straight pars to open the round. Even is good for an 8th place tie at this point.

The leader is Harry Higgs, who I had literally never heard of, at -2 through 8.

His tee shot on 6 made me yell. Woke up both of our dogs.

For those who missed it, he stuck it to about 2 feet and made the putt. Now tied for third at -1.

Playing pretty subdued and just staying out of trouble so far and staying within himself. WPS

It is “The Beautiful” Harry Higgs. He’s a piece of work in a great way. Delightful. Guy on PGA Tour radio dubbed him “The Beautiful” and I think it stuck.

Is it televised or streamed right now?

Yep I’m watching the stream at masters.com

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its also on Watch espn but need a espn+ subscription

He’s even par after bogeying the par 5 but just made a nice par save on 9,his chipping has let him down the last 2 holes.

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He finished at -1.

Three shots back on that course in your first real competitive round in more than a year is pretty darn good. You could see signs of the rust and the post-wreck injury (he was leaving a lot of iron shots short of the green) but his short game was largely spot on except for one chip that reminded me of me.

I thought a couple of times he played to points that left easy up and downs. He knows how to navigate that place.

I have thought the entire week that tomorrow will be the toughest day. He has been walking 9 each practice day (maybe) and the full 18 is tough. I’m told the elevation would be like walking the stairs in a 50-story building spread out over 4 hours. Yikes.

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He put together an amazing round given the lack of him playing competitive rounds of championship Golf. Augusta is a VERY hilly Golf course and walking it is 6 miles and I can only imagine how tired and sore he is.Friday will be a much tougher round on him physically than today was bc when the muscles get fatigued/sore like he said he was it can take more than 24 hrs sometimes to recover.The weather is also supposed to start getting much colder Friday and Saturday which will make it tougher to stay loose…

I am amazed at watching him play after what he went through,he truly is lucky to be even be alive much less playing Championship Golf, so no matter how he does this week ,we are looking at a mircale IMO and I give him bigtime Kudos for going through all the PT that he has and will have to do to allow him to compete,the game is always much better when Tiger can play.

Riveting. It’s the easiest tournament to win. So many have no chance. It’s a small field and most of the old timers can’t even contend. Many cannot hit the high cuts required to get to many of those right pins and they split em 50-50.

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What blew me away Clay was how undulated the greens are, if you can’t spin the ball you have no chance on that golf course. TV does not give you any sense of how Steep they are… there are no flat spots on those greens LOL

They rebuilt the back of third green because it was too easy. You hit it back there, it won’t stay on green.

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My home course(Squire Creek) greens are reportedly designed to test approach shots like Augusta. Bubba(playing with the Duck Dynasty guys), David Toms, and other pros have said it’s similar but the up & downs are easier at Squire.
I can’t imagine walking 36 holes in 2 days on hilly course like either of these, especially on a surgically repaired leg with all that hardware in it. Don’t you know that sucker was sore this morning?

Golf Channel was saying last night that Tiger has massage people and a physical therapist and similar people actually staying in his rented house with him this week. He’s fortunate that his tee time today is later so they have more time to work on him before he goes to the course, and I’m sure they were working on him late into the night so he could get some sleep last night.

Earlier tee time on Thursday and a later start on Friday is really ideal. Makes me hopeful we’ll get Weekend Tiger.

He is one of the most mentally strong competitors I have seen in any sport. His ability to focus out everything including pain is amazing. I saw his expressions several times yesterday when he was feeling the pain and he just closed his mind to it. I remember his dad saying at the first win in Augusta that Tiger had been subjected to lot’s pressure during their work together so that he would be able to produce or perform in the moment if he was physically able. I think we are seeing that play out. Playing before with back issues is difficult but this is at a different level.