Tiger High charged with NCAA violations

In other news, water is wet.

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I am stunned! Absolutely stunned, that these things would occur under Anfernee’s leadership at this outstanding institution of higher learning.

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Color me stunned too…. :joy:


I was hoping they’d issue the charges on Kansas during tournament.

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Coach Penny Hardaway cheats? The same guy who purportedly was induced by cash (aka “a pretty Penny”, perfect nickname) to commit to Memphis instead Arkansas as a player. I’m shocked!

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He cheats, what else do you need? Any coach worth a flip can win at Memphis. Same at Houston. Huge prospect pool of talented basketball players.

I wish I had a Five Star son to negotiate with Penny, he’s will need to raise the cheating bar to stay in the game.

That stuff has been engraved into Memphis Basketball culture since way back. Huh Cal.

Penny for your thoughts!!!

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Dana Kirk was buying people for Tiger High in the 80s, probably including Keith Lee.


Without a doubt. He was dumb enough to joke about it. They had some great teams when Larry Finch was initiating plays.

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