Tied with Florida for 3rd now

Kentucky can join the tie tomorrow against the Rebnecks.

UF plays UK Saturday so one will lose. But we lose tiebreaker to whichever one ties with us so best we can do is the 4 seed in St. Louis. Moo U can still sneak in there too and we lose that tiebreaker too.

So best we can hope for, other than UK blowing one to the Rebs, is a fourth place bye against a team we already lost to. And that assumes a win at CoMo Saturday.

Oh well. Best news is that we’re an absolute lock for the dance.

With the Moo U loss today, if we win at Missouri, we are guareenteed at least
4th place regardless of what anyone else does.

If Ole Miss beats Kentucky (doubt it), we can get a chance at 3rd. Still I expect
after tomorrow it will be a 3 way tie for 3rd place between Arkansas, Kentucky,
and Florida. Since Florida plays Kentucky, one of them will have 8 losses. If we
win we will have only 7 losses and be tied with the victor of the Fla v Kent game.
We lose that tie break and get 4th place. No one else can catch us at 7 losses.

Win we are getting a bye. PERIOD.

If we lose… its a coin toss who we play, I’m just sure we won’t get one of the top
4 places due to a ton of 8 loss teams and tie breaks.

Ole Miss beat Kentucky, Kentucky beats Florida, Arkansas beats Missouri = Arkansas 3rd place.
Arkansas beats Missouri = 4th place.

We control our own destiny for a bye. Still I’d prefer the 3rd place slot, we could most likely
avoid a Florida or Kentucky matchup in our 1st game. That is the best for us.

I just hope we get the win Saturday @ Missouri !
Auburn gets a win Saturday
That would make the seeds look like this

  1. Auburn
  2. Tennessee
  3. Winner of Kentucky @Florida
  4. Arkansas
    The only crazy thing about the 4 seed the hogs would end up playing the winner of the 5 seed / 12/13 winner and that 5 seed would be either Kentucky or Florida so I hope it’s Florida and let Tennessee deal with Kentucky! I’d rather face the winner of Tennessee and Kentucky after they played a hard game that went a couple of overtimes.
    I think the hogs pull the win out at Missouri
    Your right it’s right in front of the hogs.

Agreed, I think that’s our best case scenario. Kentucky is not a good match-up for us, plus the SEC tournament is essentially a home game for them. Florida, is also not the greatest match-up for us, but they are wildly inconsistent, I feel we would have a better chance against them on a neutral site.

Also, I agree Tennessee would be the team to deal with Kentucky, they are probably the most equipped to do it. I would say Auburn as well, but Auburn with only 7 scholarship players, it’s going to be tough on them.