Tie breakers for top 4 seeds heading into Hoover

I know we have the tie breaker over Miss State but what about Georgia?
All 3 teams will probably end up 21-9 and if so who gets what seed?

We have the tie breaker over MSU & MSU has it over GA. Although I don’t know this for sure, that seems like we’d get the #2 seed in a 3 way tie.

We will be the 2 seed if we are tied with MSU. Won’t matter if UGA also finishes 21-9. Division winners are seeded 1 and 2. But, if we are all 21-9, it would be Hogs, State, and UGA, 2,3,4.

If we finish a game behind MSU, and are tied with UGA, we are the 4 seed. UGA wins tie breaker with us since they beat Vandy. So, most likely, we are the 2 seed or 4 seed based on winning or losing the rubber game with Aggies (not counting on USC to beat MSU).

Matt or someone else might know, but I’d guess this is the first time ever that 4 teams have won 20 conference games in the same season.

A few weeks ago when I guessed we’d win over 20 games there were a lot of people that said no one would win 20 games in the west!