Tidbits on Zach Williams offer

Zach was very excited by the offer. He and his dad met Morris, Chavis and Caldwell in Morris’ office and that’s how the offer went down.

Zach plans take his time before making a decision but obviously Arkansas is in very good sharp. Rickey Williams was very impressed with all three. That might be an understatement because he raved about Morris, Chavis and Caldwell. He’s very happy Zach has a chance to play at school he loves so much.

Arkansas is recruiting him to play DE.

Didn’t realize until now that this was Rickey Williams’ son. Heck, if he is half as good as his dad he would be worth offering a scholarship.

I know we all are guilty of elevating the players we knew when we were younger…but it sure did seem like RW was everywhere on the field when he played for the Razorbacks. And he (RW) has a million dollar smile too–although it is hard to find on his twitter since he focuses on everyone but himself (admirable, unique, and refreshing in these days).

I sure hope this young man decides to be a Razorback. A legacy and someone who I am sure understands what it means to be a Razorback. WPS!!

Great comments. I have the same memory about
Ricky Williams. I remember thinking the offensive coordinator of the opposing team must be thinking
that Williams must have a double on the field. He was everywhere.

I sure hope his son becomes a Razorback and has
as good or better career as his dad had both as an
Arkansas Razorback and in the NFL.