Tidbits on Razorback Football Positions By Numbers

This was released this morning by Arkansas.

QBs (6) - Jefferson, Coley, Hornsby, Jones and walk ons Jacob Switzer and Kade Renfro (Ole Miss transfer)

RBs (8) TJ Hammonds listed here - Raheim “Rocket” Sanders is listed as a WR, but Coach Pitman just said he will be at TB

WRs (16)

TEs (7) Former WR Kolian Jackson (6-2, 228) now listed as TE

OL (19) Ty’Kieast Crawford listed as 6-5, 335, Jalen St. John (6-5, 359). Marcus Henderson (6-4, 284), Myron Cunningham (6-6, 325)

Specialists (8)

DBs (21) - Darrell Wilson (6-3, 210), Trent Gordon ((5-11, 199), Jermaine Hamilton-Jordan (6-1, 195)

LB (17) - Chris Paul Jr. (6-1, 225) and Marco Avant (6-3, 212)

Bumper Pool 224 career tackles tops Arkansas list while Grant Morgam has 212, Joe Foucha 158, Jalen Catalon 105 and Hayden Henry 83

DL (15) - Eric Thomas, Jr. (6-3, 248) listed at DE instead of LB, Newcomer Jalen Williams (6-3, 310), Dorian Gerald (6-3, 288)

Aren’t the weights the same as last year’s?

I googled “Jacob Switzer” and found out he is Barry’s grandson.

Am I the only one that didn’t know?

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I didn’t. That’s pretty cool to have another legacy!

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Henderson was 305 last yr I think. 284 was what he reported back at I thought.

Ya gotta believe all of the players were weighed day of or a day or two before practice started. Would be nice to have that info released…or did I miss it??

Heard Pittman said probably released for fall have no idea why they wouldn’t be now and again in the fall

Well, that annoys me. Somebody at the bottom of the food chain should have time to do this before/after spring practice and again at start of fall.
But, thanks for the heads up.

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