Tidbits After Cooling Down

First of all, I’m not a hater or a lover of CBB, I’m a Razorback fan. Calling out each other is divisive & wont accomplish a single thing!

  1. We miss Drew & Hatcher–BADLY! I’m hoping Brandon Martin will turn the corner because he has the physical tools to excel in the SEC. Need Jared to knock the rust off this open week. Gotta have some guys step up so AA can trust them to get open & on time.
  2. Our Oline is marginal at best running the ball. For CBB’s offense to thrive, we have to be able to impose our will & get 3-5 yards running when the other guys know it’s coming. This Oline doesn’t have it. I felt we were in trouble when they started Clary as a true FR–nothing against the kid, but more so an indictment on the older players that haven’t developed. This issue is on CBB & his line coach.
  3. Our defense was decent, but needs more difference makers. We had no pass rush most of the day, although I’m wondering that TCU’s Oline was pretty good. We will see going forward, but I’m thinking our D will get thumped by Bama, LSU, Auburn.
  4. How many SEC games can/will we win? I’m seeing only a few now, and that’s with the assumption that our offensive struggles get sorted out. I’m not seeing this being better than 7-5 or 6-6 year based on what we’ve seen these first 2 games, and looking at our schedule.
  5. CBB’s seat is ok this year, but it’s also reasonable to question the product he’s putting on the field in year 5 of his tenure. Not having an effective kicker is on him. I’m seriously doubting his ability to seriously contend in the SEC with this system.
  6. Our roster needs to continue to be upgraded & developed. Recruiting must be better for us to close the gap.

You’re mostly on point here. After year 5 I would think we would have a kicker, I would think we could replace some receivers and keep trucking, I would think that we for sure would have a solid offensive line.