Has anyone started getting the call to change your ticket placement yet in BWA. Supposed to be in July but haven’t heard a word yet.

I got an email saying I can select seats July 26.

Yeah, I got an email Wed.

Yes, I got Email Thursday

Yep, I got an email Tuesday.

Sounds like I need to be patient. . . I let my tickets go probably 15 years or so due to kids activities. i was only using 10% if my tickets. My last one graduates this year so time to re-up them, I’m probably behind you guys since it has been so long its like a first time season ticket purchase.

July 23 for me

If you have kept your foundation membership current while not buying basketball tickets, you should have still received the email. If you haven’t kept your foundation membership active through the years, then you probably will not get an email. As I understand it, the non-members and non current season ticket holders will have an opportunity to buy season tickets when this upgrade opportunity is over in early August. Here’s statement concerning this that was in my email:

If you are not currently a men’s basketball season ticket holder but ARE a Razorback Foundation member , this appointment time allows you to view current available seats for purchase, should you choose to become a men’s basketball season ticket holder. Appointment times are assigned to ALL Razorback Foundation members by Razorback Foundation priority point ranking within member classification.

If you are in doubt about any of this, I would give the foundation a call Monday.

I bought basketball tickets back in April/May timeframe, they are still on sale now. I know where my seats are currently for next year. I rejoined the Foundation and made a contribution prior to the 6/30 deadline and was told I should receive an email to relocate them based on my donation level. I also received the email for ticket selection for football even though I am not interested in football tickets.

I emailed the fellow at the foundation that has been helping me yesterday afternoon when I saw the emails had gone out, but he didn’t respond back yet.

They assigned you seats back in April when you ordered new season tickets?

Yes, I emailed the ticket office and the guy there did it for me. Its weird because new tickets don’t show up in the portal which is why I contacted the ticket office in the first place. he volunteered to do it, but the placing didn’t take into account the RF contribution. P.S. It was well after I bought them. they initially said the email would come out inJune.

How could they assign you tickets without knowing that others with more priority points wouldn’t want some? I wouldn’t trust that, lol, especially since you said you haven’t donated for awhile. FWIW, the Foundation decides the pecking order, the ticket office just sells the tickets.

What happened is in May/June they were pushing season basketball tickets. You could log in and select season tickets, with a note that they were upper deck tickets. The instructions said that you could select to become a season ticket holder and around July you would be able to choose your seats during the renew/upgrade period. They said currently there were only upper deck season seats available.

I didn’t want to do it blindly, so I waited until June30th (the last day) and called them. They found season tickets for me that day that had just opened up in the first row upper deck sideline, near the baseline. I bought those and was instructed, that I might be able to get lower level seats during the upgrade time in July. He said currently, there were no season seats available in the areas in the lower level that matched my donation level.

I assume he bought his upper deck tickets in May in the blind and got whatever they assigned. He should have received an email, like I (and you) got. That’s why i suggested he call them Monday so they can assign him a date and time based on his points in his donation level.

Yeah, I knew they were selling upper deck season tickets back after the tournament ended. I figure it’s like my baseball season tickets I just got in line for, you won’t know what you get until the renewals are done. I’ve just recently moved to Fayetteville and wanted baseball tickets, too. I thought I had got in the waiting line, but one day noticed it wasn’t on my ticket requests log. Anyway, I talked to a ticket agent and he said it didn’t matter when I put in my request, it would go off of donation level and points, the RF said I’d be fine with my level getting baseball tickets.

I doubt there will be much improvement on my basketball tickets, but one can always hope!

Harley, agree with everything you said there except the note on the page said selection would be in June, not July. It was still on there in late June. Not there now. If I don’t hear back on Mon morning I will call.

I have a problem that all my email from the foundation and ticket office go to my Junk folder, despite my listing those email addresses in my contacts

If you haven’t received something you think you should have, check there