Tickets to the CWS....

To those of you who have been to Omaha, are there usually fans selling tickets outside the stadium? I went to the NCAA website and it appears the General Admission tickets are sold out, but there are a few tickets still available for Monday’s game. Also, if anybody has tickets and needs to sell them, let me know. :smiley:

I have never covered a championship series here, so I don’t know what the ticket situation is going to be for those games. During the eight-team round at the CWS there always are tickets available outside the stadium.

The availability next week is going to depend a lot on who is Arkansas’ opponent. There are a lot of Mississippi State fans in town and you know that Arkansas fans are going to come up here in droves because of the short proximity from home.

Matt, were there any LSU jersey’s around? I’d heard that they go even when LSU isn’t there.

Yes, lots of LSU fans are here, but it’s not just LSU. One of the things that I think is so unique about the College World Series is that fans of all teams buy tickets and come to tailgate, especially that first weekend. Just in the parking lot where I am, I have seen tents and flags with logos for LSU, Nebraska, Oregon, Florida State, TCU and Iowa, in addition to the teams that are playing here.

If MSU wins tonight, I wouldn’t drive to Omaha without tickets. Tickets will be scarce.

My Omaha friend says getting bleacher tickets is not a problem if you’re willing to stand in line. He’s already scrounged up Monday tickets for me. I’m driving up tomorrow.

My wife and I will be flying in from D.C. where we are currently stationed for work. I may bite the bullet and go ahead and purchase tickets from the NCAA website for Monday and Tuesday. Wish we had the luxury of driving up from Fayetteville. :wink:

At 9 am on Saturday morning, 1b or 3b tickets were going for $250 + fees. By 2 pm these sections were almost sold out and ave costs were now $350 + fees. This was all for Monday night. Tuesday night was about $50 more.