Tickets to Greenville are sold out … lle-regio/

There is a lively market for tickets though on the usual sites like Stubhub etc. Not cheap to say the least.

UNC, Duke and SC in the arena have made it a very very tough ticket. Will be going with another Hog fan and two converted Clemson fans Friday morning.

I found out our allocation is sold out and that I have to present my photo ID at Will Call to retrieve the tickets. In other words, no way to transfer to a friend or use Stub Hub, even if we go to Final Four and I have two extra tickets.

I’ve dreamed of selling two extra Final Four tickets for a long time. Should be able to finance my trip through the sell.

Wife and I will be in 119 down closest to the floor. That’s right behind a goal post from the online maps I’ve seen. Maybe I can disrupt SH free throws a time or two for a half. :smiley:

Good chance of that, actually. Seton Hall is a very poor foul shooting team, only 64%. But if they have a hot afternoon, it’s clearly your fault. :stuck_out_tongue:

It won’t be because we’re not trying!!!

See you all on TV. Heading down early in the morning from Virginia…going to try to catch the early afternoon practice tomorrow in Greenville. Go Hogs!