Tickets sold this year vs last year for the non-conference season

Using the numbers listed by,

Tickets sold 2019-20: 107,710 for 8 games at an average of 13,463 per game

Tickets sold 2018-19: 132,350 for 9 games at an average of 14,705 per game.

This shows that the total ticket revenue was actually higher last year. This may surprise some fans.

The site has stopped listing the actual butts in the seats because of the lack of accuracy of the tickets scanned number plus advertising the butts in the seat number is bad marketing since butts in the seat will always be the lower number. However to the naked eye, it does seem that the actual butts in the seat number is higher this year over last year by about 2,000 per game.

So the conclusion is that getting rid of Mike Anderson has brought more ticket holders to the game this year, but the total number of ticket holders have not changed and in fact has decreased a bit.

Not sure how accurate these numbers are. I could get tickets last year but can’t this year. I could get a suite last year but can’t this year. Something just doesn’t seem right. I don’t say this as a negative to CMA. I just know what the ticket office told me last year versus this year.

Probably should be noted that last year in the non conference, you had Indiana and Ga Tech at home. Also, if I am not mistaken both of those games were on the weekend. This year we have yet to play our only home game against a power 5 non conference team.

PJ, do you remember if we had any sellouts last year?

Largest official attendances last year were in the 17K range (Georgia Tech was a Wednesday night by the way).

IU 17456
Florida 17160
LSU 17361
Moo U 17022
OM 17320
Bama 16253 (Senior night on a Saturday; scanner count was 9815)

Sellouts? Nope.

Largest scanner count was also IU, 12,979.

Correct. Last year non-conference attendance so far benefited from those two games against Indiana and Georgia Tech. On the flip side this year the attendance from here on will be boosted by home games with Kentucky and Auburn plus a non-conference game against TCU.

So, I expect much higher ticket revenue rest of the way given the schedule and a new coach that everyone is excited about. Also I recall last year we did not have many weekend games in first half of the schedule. I have not matched up number of weekend games for the two years.

The numbers I posted were for non-conference season so far and neither year had any sellouts.

As far as rest of the way, Kentucky game usually sells out and we did not have Kentucky last year. Also this year, there are four games that have been sold out. I don’t know how much of that has to do with the Mini Plan package or because of great interest in games against A&M , etc,

I figured many will be shocked by the ticket numbers based on what you read and hear and some like arlingtonhog will wonder about the accuracy of the numbers. I too was shocked.

I guarantee you it’s because of the Mini-Plan. They figured out that people want to see the UK game and the only way to do that is to either purchase a full season ticket or the mini-plan. People ain’t that interested in seeing TCU. A&M was a little tougher sellout, I’m surmising, because the students aren’t back yet and there are some seats in what normally would be student sections that were available. That’s why it was the last to sell out.

Now the question is how many tickets go unused. Looks like a nice day in NWA so weather won’t be an excuse.

It may surprise some fans, yes. It doesn’t surprise me due to schedule.

I bet today’s game will have a larger attendance and scanner attendance than any game last year.

We will never know for sure since they no longer publish the tickets scanned number.

For the record, the highest single game scanned number was 12,979. It has been said that it seemed that the actual butts in the seat number was 2K or 3K more than the scanned number. So, you are looking at 15,979 max for a single game last year. Unofficially,that is the number to chase today.

If this team wins big, the season ticket numbers will sky rocket to the point the mini plans go away.

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