Tickets scanned today: 40,128

Hopefully with a win and an SEC opponent, we’ll do a little better for that for Vandy next week. I can’t say the crowd size surprises me but it is disappointing. About 16,500 people bought tickets and didn’t use them. Can’t blame the weather this time.

The crowds are definitely smaller, but I don’t know if the no-shows were much more today than in years past for an opponent like this. There are a lot of people who buy season tickets with no interest in attending the non-conference games unless it is a team from a Power 5.

The difference between this year and past years is that we know the number of tickets sold and tickets scanned. That information had not been divulged before this year.

I think it shows how Arkansas fans are very passionate but it doesn’t show up in the stands. I do understand they’re counting scanned tickets where that wasn’t the case in the past few years, but I do believe it’s worse now vs other years.

I only watched on TV, but it appeared to me it was a smaller than usual crowd. Both UD’s looked terribly empty. Maybe 1/4 to 1/3 full. Perhaps less. It’s harder to tell about the EZ seats because the red chairs don’t stand out as empty seats the way the bleachers do.

We’re going to have to win to regenerate the excitement. I think we’ll see that next fall.

To be honest, I think the self-scan kiosks they have set up are pretty worthless. I’d say that of all 4 Fayetteville games I’ve been to this year, they’ve probably only correctly scanned my tickets half the time. And there hasn’t really been anyone there to help get it to scan. They’ve just waived me in and said “don’t worry about it.”

They don’t seem too worried about letting people in. My guess is it will be more closely monitored if we get demand back up.

i had my tickets in hand but didn’t bother getting it scanned. I held it up and the guy let me on through. I certainly paid for my ticket, but those self scanning machines are definitely not the absolute authority on people in the stands.

From what I saw at the game, I would say this is a fairly accurate count. Unfortunately.

Program has been down and two coaches removed from top 5 AP finish.

We have great fans historically, but even the greatest unfortunately have to weight how much they want to watch two 1-5 teams play.

I sit in the SEZ so I geta good view of what’s around me, in front of me (NEZ) and in the East and West sections. I’ve got to say, 40k is/was not accurate. I’ve usually got a pretty good feel on estimating the crowd and I’d say it was low 50’s.

Biff, I was on the northwest corner Sat. I agree, to me it looked like a lot more there 40,000

It is really unfair to have the stadium issue front and center and not be able to get fair/accurate counts from both stadiums. Comparing apples to oranges is tough enough (ie, factoring weather, opponent’s drive time, opponent interest to UA, opponent fanbase, etc) then you add the “tickets sold” being available only at RRS. Ouch.

I don’t really see GSD as “front and center” at this time. HY has decided we’re going to play in Little Rock for now. So far they’ve met his requirements for ticket sales. If that continues, and they get WMS up to snuff (which is a far more iffy proposition) the Misery series will continue for a while in LR. If not, then we’ll see.

Razorback Stadium seated 42,000 prior to the west side expansion in 1985. That seating consisted of the current sideline levels and maybe 1500 or so seats in the south end. So basically these attendance figures suggest that you can take everyone in every single suite on both sides, everyone in both end zones, all levels indoors or out, and all the folks from both upper decks and put them into only the lower level sideline seating and still have open seats.

It also suggests that with a current capacity of slightly over 76,000, that the stadium was barely over half full and there were close to 36,000 empty seats.

The crowd looked small on tv for this one, but hard to imagine it was actually that small. Just as it was also hard to imagine you could find 27,000 extra seats there for the Bama game.

I know attendance and enthusiasm is low right now, but I think someone needs to examine this scanning equipment a little better.

I’m not sure why the UA is posting these “scanned” numbers. Alabama showed less than 50,000 scanned. There were way more than 50,000 at that game. The two bottom sides were almost full. The West side upper was about 70% and the East side upper had maybe 2000. The South end zone was about 60%. When you add that up it’s closer to 60,000. I’m like the previous poster, Are they saying we could have gotten over 25,000 more in the stadium for Alabama? Go to the panaramic view link below and tell me where 25000 more people could have sat??? … /20181006/

Or if we just fix the game day experience and improve the football team we could avoid the controversy by filling the stadium up.

I confess I haven’t been to a game all season. The reasons all varied, but I’ve been to almost every game in RRS since 2000. (Went to most games for the 20 years before that.) Regardless, I think I can get a pretty good feel for the size of crowds using the same criteria others have mentioned. If the stadium seats 76,000, I can tell the approximate percentage of the stands that are filled. As sparse as the crowd was last week, I dispute the 40,000 figure as being way too low. The main stands on each sideline were almost full. The UD’s looked to be maybe 25% full–maybe a tad more. I couldn’t really tell about either EZ, but I’d bet they were at least half full. I’m certain there were at least a few thousand in the indoor seats. That’s closer to 50k+ than 40k. If some scanners aren’t working, I’m pretty sure that explains the difference.

Yes, I agree winning will cure the attendance problem, but I don’t want the crowds underestimated any more than I want them overestimated. They either need to fix the scanners or they need to allow for underreported attendance. We need to maintain at least a 90% attendance rate & we’re well below that. But I don’t think it’s as low as 55%. I just don’t believe that

I agree, They scanned the stadium several times and when I saw the 40k I said no way. At least 50k and likely substantially more. By the start of the fourth quarter it had emptied quite a bit.

The other part that makes this very questionable to me is that 16,500 or so tickets would be purchased and not even used. I know people sometimes have last minute change of plans or some have enough money not to even concern themselves with trying to sell or give away season tickets that they don’t use, but not in those numbers. Tickets are too easy to sell these days, thanks to the secondary market.

This is the first year in since the early 90’s that I haven’t had season tickets. Living in California now dictates that. But even last year, after I had moved in early September, I was still able to sell my tickets for every game. Granted, the Coastal Carolina tickets sold about 10 min prior to kickoff at a price of $16.50 each, but it had taken about 5 minutes of time to list them on StubHub with the declining value option, and $30 is much better than $0 to me and just as important was the fact that I knew someone would be in those seats.

I suspect the these numbers are being requested by the Dem-Gaz and then released by the newspaper. More self destruction from the states largest!

It’s clear from fans that not all of them are getting their tickets scanned so it may be - and likely - more fans at both sites.

There is no debate anymore.

There will be one regular season game or a Red-White game from here on out.

Or possibly none down the line.