Tickets, parking pass, Razorback App

First, Anybody else unable to get into the App? I just get “web page unavailable” for the last 2 days. Will we need parking passes for the exhibition game this Sunday?? If so, they’ve got just 4 days counting today and Saturday for the parking passes to be in every mail box. Going through Razorback Foundation web site and into my account, I can see my tickets but they still can’t be saved to Google pay?

Edit: mm Never mind on the parking passes. I just remembered Rice1’s post that they’ll be available before the Mercer game. It’s just park where ever you want.

No “live” tickets in my app yet, and I had to hit the button to log in to my ticket account to find my tickets for all sports. Like I said yesterday, my women’s basketball tickets are good to go in there, and they don’t play until Nov 5th.

You were able to see your tickets in your app? When I click on tickets, it flashes “unable to load your data”. When I click on “more” and then “ticket account log in”, it says “web page unavailable”. Also, net:: err_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED. I have uninstalled the app and re-installed it and still get the same thing. Sheesh.

I talked to tix office they were having issues., I just got back on Raz app, I was able to download my tickets to my wallet

Thanks. I uninstalled the App 2 more times, and finally it re-installed properly. I was able to transfer BB tickets to Google Pay.

What App are we talking about?
I have the Arkansas app
And I have the Razorback Gameday app
Is there another one?
My tickets listed in the ticket center, but not downloadable to wallet

I believe It would be game day app, or Razorback mobile app, which I believe is the same

Your are welcome harley.

Yep, downloaded them this morning, got the email saying they were there about an hour ago, lol.

Yep, I will get my email in the morning, it always a day late when I get something from the university

Got the email saying tickets were in yesterday. Can’t get into app to download them.

I had lots of trouble getting into the app yesterday. Had to uninstall and reinstall 3 times before it would work for me. You can also go directly to your ticket account without using the app. Just use the link below on your phone, then click “my account” and log in:

Thanks harley, was able to get right in that way.

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