Tickets, on Wallet?

I purchased 4 tickets for my daughter and her family for the Auburn game and I have them on my iphone in Wallet. Their tickets are for a different gate than mine.

Can they enter the same gate as I will–after all they are in the adjacent west upper section as I am in? Or, someone tell me how to transfer tickets off my Wallet to her iphone Wallet.

In the Arkansas GameDay app, when you pull up your tickets, there’s a transfer link under every ticket, or just send her a screenshot of each ticket, both work. Also, they can go in the same gate, they don’t look at that, the scanners just read the barcode, not the ticket location.

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You can come through any gate.


Just go to the gate with the shortest line. That’s what I do…

I don’t believe that I have ever entered the gate suggested for my current ticket (16). I use gate 1 or 14 most of the time.

Glad y’all advised that. Line at my gate for Texas game looked to be blocks long; other gates had lesser lines.

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