Ticket scanners--accurate?

Since we’re now reporting “tickets scanned” as the official butts in seats attendance count, does anyone know how accurate they are? I have no doubt a good scan will create an accurate count, but I’ve heard anecdotes of people getting in without their ticket getting scanned or the scanner not seeming to work.

Perhaps I want to see higher numbers than they’re announcing so my “want” exceeds my eyes’ ability to estimate, but I’ve attended games at both RRS & WMS for years. I know about what both places hold. I think I can give a pretty good estimate on attendance by judging how full/empty the stadium is as a percentage of capacity. I admit even my best estimates might be off by 4 or 5k or perhaps more on occasion, but it seems to me several of our crowds have exceeded the announced scanned number.

Anyone know if the scan count is, say, even 90-95% accurate?

What I’ve heard is that some of the scanners haven’t been working properly and the ushers just wave people through without scanning. So those tickets obviously aren’t getting scanned.

I’ve heard that, too. If so, it means we are under-reporting our crowds. If it’s more than one scanner, it might mean we’re under-reporting by several thousand. I’d love to know.

Yep…this happened to me at the Tulsa game and the East Illinois game. The ushers just waved several hundred people through our gate.

The scanners don’t work right. They don’t light up or do whatever they do, easily. Those people at the scanners are not really worried about getting an accurate reading. We just went in after trying to get it to work.

I’ve been to all five games in Fayetteville, and I believe my four tickets have been correctly scanned once. The scanners are arranged in pairs, back to back. I’m not sure if there are the same number of scanners at each gate, but at the one I walk in there are at least 8 of them. I’ve never seen one of them light up when putting my tickets below them. I have heard chirps coming from various spots around me, which I would assume means a good scan. Vanderbilt game was the only game I knew they scanned because we were the only ones at the gate…literally. The beep I heard was much louder than others for previous games. But even though I know it scanned, there wasn’t any security or event staff to keep me from walking in if it wasn’t a good ticket.