Ticket sales

This was requested by @ricepig1 in a thread a few weeks back, so here are the season ticket totals the past several seasons:

2012: 63,271
2013: 58,574
2014: 55,601
2015: 58,358
2016: 61,597
2017: 55,895
2018: 51,720
2019: 43,397

Note: Those ticket sales do include student access passes.


I think someone also asked about basketball season ticket sales.

The men sold 9,223 for this season. The women sold 923 season tickets, which is a record for that program.

Thanks Matt.

Wow, only 923? I thought for sure they would sell a few thousand.

Women’s basketball does not sell a lot of tickets. At best they will get a lot of walk ups or sell some group packages for big games that might get the attendance to 3,000 or so. For instance the season opener Friday is the annual Elementary Day. There have been 5,600 elementary school kids RSVP for that.

Elementary Day is typically the biggest attendance of the year unless there is a postseason game. The WNIT game against TCU last year sold about 5,300 tickets.

Wow as good as they’re doing, and with Dungee (rated #18 on the best player rankings) I expected a lot more people to show support. Think if they stay in the Top 25 all year, and make a run in the tourney they’ll have more sold next year?

Isn’t that down a little for the men?

Wow… it appears that during “berts” time here we were selling a lot more tickets :slight_smile:

just poking fun…

Wow! Is that percentage drop from 2018 to 2019 an all time record? I expected a drop but not that magnitude.

Probably. People will support a winner and Mike Neighbors worked for Gary Blair, who was the ultimate salesman for women’s basketball. Mike knows how to sell the program.

We actually win a few games, some of them even P5’s during his time here.

Here you go asking tough questions again. :grinning:

If it is down, I don’t think it is by much. I seem to remember it being 9,000-something last season.

Ticket sales were fairly strong under Bielema. From 2014-16, Arkansas increased its attendance total each year while the national average fell.

Ok, I thought the message board chatter was always 10-11k sold when no one shows up for a game.

Going to be sad attendance next season if a change isn’t made.

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63,000 in 2012 was coming off the 11-win season but it was also coming off Bobby in the ditch. However we were expected to be pretty good anyway even with JLS (OOPS).

2016 was coming off the Liberty Bowl win over K-State, an 8-win season and we looked like we’d be pretty good. And we really were until the second half at Misery.

Bielema’s departure knocked about 4,000 tickets off. Going 2-10 knocked another 8,000+.

I don’t expect any improvement for 2020 ticket sales no matter who the head coach is. We’re still gonna be picked last with good reason even if we hired Saban (which clearly isn’t happening). It would probably be better with a new HC but it won’t be good.

If a new head coach is hired, and he’s a popular pick, I expect season ticket sales would probably see an uptick next year because of the schedule: Alabama, LSU, Ole Miss and Tennessee, plus three nonconference games. There will be seven home games in Fayetteville next year for the first time.

Last year’s 2-10 record didn’t help, but the dreadful home schedule this year probably played a factor in the decrease in ticket sales. Auburn had the biggest name appeal, but Auburn doesn’t move the needle nearly as much as other SEC teams do around here.

Bobby rode into the ditch on April 1st (or maybe March 31, I can’t recall exactly which day) of 2012. Season ticket sales were pretty much committed to for the 2012 season by that point. If memory serves, you could pay your foundation pledge up til June 30, but your tix had to be paid by March 31.

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