Ticket Sales?

Has anyone heard how ticket sales are for the 2017 season? Normal? Slow? Brisk?

I was told normal. This isn’t great home schedule. I don’t like the way it breaks for SEC games. Better in even years.

As Clay said, 2017 wasn’t going to be a stellar year for season tickets, unless we were coming off a 9-10 win season. The even years with Bama, OM, and LSU just draw a bigger response. Last I looked there were around 100 or so seats still available in the SOC, first time in several years that it didn’t sell out.

Season ticket sales are always a little down in odd years because Alabama and LSU are not on the home schedule, but typically that is offset or close to offset by the number of single-game purchases.

TCU, Misery and Auburn, possibly Moo U, will be sellouts or very close. Although there will be unused tickets for the November games in all likelihood. The rest…

Out of all the teams we played at home in 2015, there is no question who brought the most fans by far: Missouri. Now, our fans obviously weren’t that excited about the game and it was atrocious weather, but the Tiger fans had a large section. They also really had the hotels in Bentonville and Rogers swelled full. For a lot of their southwest Missouri fans, it was apparent it was a big game for them.