Ticket Sales

Matt, do you know how actual attendance this year compares to last year.

I think the tickets sold figures we get include season ticket sales, plus the number of student passes sold. Which is kind of cheating because student passes also include football and they allocate students a lot more space in RRS than BWA. If that is true, theoretically if our football team was really good (we wish), they could have 10,000+ student passes baked into the BWA attendance numbers before the first ball is bounced. Even if none of them ever show up.

I don’t know actual numbers of butts in seats, but per NCAA, last year was 16,081 per game, this year so far is 15,063 (per ESPN). So we are down about 1,000 per game.

But, Also scheduling plays an issue. Last year we started 2-4 in conference. The next two home games were Sat vs Ole Miss and Sat vs Okie Light (avg 18,000+). This year we started 2-4 in conference and our next two home games are on Tues vs Ga and Vandy, both cellar dwellers at the moment, I’m guessing that our attendance will probably be listed around 14,000+ because of it being Tues games and the opponents.

Here are the Top 25 attendance figures for college basketball going back to the Sutton days…

http://fs.ncaa.org/Docs/stats/m_basketb … Ytop25.pdf