Ticket Sales

Can someone from HI staff post the numbers for season ticket sales and how they compare to last season? Thanks.

We were thinking about upgrading our tickets in the new north end seat backs. However after seeing how the seats stay in the sunlight…not going to happen. I don’t know who the designer was, but whoever never sat in the sun in the early games. Bummer. :frowning:

I believe PJ was referring to basketball season ticket sales. This is the basketball board.

However, you do make a good point. I sit on the West side, but in September/Oct with the sun setting more toward the southwest, I believe the North end zone is worse than the East stands for the sun.

Hardy, you’re correct. I just clicked on new posts and didn’t see it was on the basketball forum. Sorry.

We’ve got a real problem if the sun gets in your eyes inside Bud Walton Arena. Ha!

Yeah - you might think you’re in Jerry World.

I believe I’ve seen some late afternoon games at BWA where sunlight is coming into the arena above the south upper deck. Could theoretically get in someone’s eyes. Not going to roast them like the RRS sun does in September though.

Was able to look this up.

Last year, we had 7 non-con games at Bud Walton for total attendance of 102,583 and average per game of 14,693. This year, we had 9 non-con games at Bud Walton for total attendance of 132,350 and average per game of 14,705.

Last year, we ended up 9th in the nation in attendance.

(Yes, I know this thread is about basketball.)

But in reference to the new NEZ seats, I got a call last summer wanting me to consider buying into the new section. I told the guy that I was just fine in the SEZ and I didn’t want the sun in my eyes. He proceeded to argue with me. Huh, I saw what those seats looked like in the heat of the early season, and then on into late fall. No thanks, I made the right decision.

Thanks Razor for the information. Good to know attendance is stable. The reason I asked this question is that on Little Rock radio Wess Moore and Justin Acri were saying ticket sales are down and when a caller pressed them for numbers, they admitted that they didn’t know the numbers but added “it just feels like”.

Still hoping Dudley, Matt or Scottie would find numbers for season ticket sales. That is an important number since it is committed recurring revenue to the program. I thought that number would be readily available.

Thaks again.

Are you wanting $ figures? I thought I was giving you what you wanted.

I wouldn’t be surprised if actual attendance is down, but as we see here, number of tickets sold is not.

You gave me Total Ticket Sold. That is good information. Total Tickets Sold equals season tickets sold plus single game tickets. I was looking for season ticket portion of total tickets. In one of the Jeff Long speeches I was privileged to attend, he mentioned that the season ticket number is the one administration looks at for coaching decisions.

I can’t tell you for the year, but last night’s game had 14,000+ tickets sold and 8,000+ tickets scanned.

A game like Austin Peay is not going to have significant single game sales. The tickets sold number is going to be pretty much equal to season ticket sales.

Good point. RazorAg probably provided me the answer I was looking for.


I was told that season tickets sold is slightly up. That number of 200 more would reflect that. I’ll check further.

Ahh, sorry about that. Was totally reading over it.

They have been putting out 14,000-plus as tickets sold so that is the likely number.

2017-18 – 9,035 season tickets sold

2018-19 – 9,016 season tickets sold