Ticket ratio

What’s the ticket Ratio for the A&am game

Available tickets are split 50/50. Which team bought more? No idea.

It’s the hogs home game why split evenly.?

It seems like I remember reading an article years ago that showed the allotment as 22,500 tickets to each school and the rest were general admission and corporate sponsors, big wigs, etc. This was probably ten years ago but that seems like the number.

That’s the contract

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Because it’s not a home game. It’s a neutral site game. Florida and Georgia split evenly every year. OU and Texas do too. There probably is an allotment for corporate sponsors and so on, but what is given to the schools is split.

“home game” designation may be for uniform choice/color. Just a semi-educated guess.

Do we know which uniform we play in Saturday?

Arkansas is the home team this year because it is giving up a home game to play there. The same goes for Texas A&M in even-numbered years.

Tickets (and parking passes) have always been split evenly for this series. Texas A&M has sold more tickets in recent years because it put a better product on the field. When Arkansas has been competitive, it has sold its fair share and made it a truly neutral setting.

When the game goes back to campus, we’ll play them in Fayetteville in odd numbered years. Assuming we continue to play TAM every year in the new SEC schedule after OU/EOE join.

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