Ticket, Parking question

I just bought 3 tickets on Stubhub for the LSU game. It will be my first time attending a game in Fayetteville.

How do I get parking passes or where can I park for the game?

Thanks in advance.

There is free parking at Baum-Walker Stadium with a shuttle to and from the stadium. It is much easier to shuttle to than from because the buses are packed after the games. There are also some university lots farther to the east that do not require parking passes, but you’ll need to walk about 10 to 15 minutes both ways.

There are several yards, schools, etc., that have lots available to park for pay. From what I can tell by what I see as I drive into the games, most houses charge about $40 or $50. I think it is cheaper at Fayetteville High School, which is about a 15-minute walk to the stadium.

You can probably find a parking pass for sale on a secondary site like the one you used to buy your tickets, or potentially on a ticket exchange board.

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Thanks Matt.

I want to go early, do you know how many hours in advance of the game the shuttle starts running from Baum?

I think the shuttle begins running four hours prior to kickoff, but I’m not sure about that.

The Unitarian church on the north side of campus is convenient and relatively inexpensive

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I thought this was about football parking

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But it’s downhill going back to Baum. A definite plus. You can take a break at one one the fast food places if you wish, if they’re not too packed, or stop in and pick up some Hog gear at the Hogman’s Gameday, the Stadium Shoppe, or Walton Arena. Kill some time and let the traffic dissipate a bit.

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I looked it up on the Transit website last week when we were trying to help Agingalum get to/from Alumni House before the game and 4 hours is correct.

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