Ticket office is a mess

I have received my Gymnastics tickets for the Barnhill meets. (Those are three of the five home meets.) I wanted to transfer one for each meet. I got the message that I have no tickets eligible for transfer.

I have the option to move my tickets to my Apple wallet. I asked if I had to transfer my tickets to my wallet before I could transfer them. Nope.

After calling the ticket office, I was told that until I receive my tickets for the BWA meets I cannot transfer any tickets. The BWA tickets will not be sent out until early next week. OBTW, the first home meet is next Friday.

And when calling I got the message that football tickets would be available for sale in early August.

I’ve heard of issues with transferring tickets via the app so I’ve never tired it. I’ve always just downloaded to my wallet, screenshot and texted the ticket as a pic. Doing it that way may not work for your situation, but in my case it’s always been a friend or a family member I’m sending a ticket.

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I think you should take your pointer with shotgun over your arm down to their office. Tell them your dog is holding point on their inefficiency just outside their entrance door. Tell them to get their s^&* together or you will start breaking ticket birds with number 8 shot. GHG!

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Good to know

I’ve transferred some tickets from the site, but it’s much easier to send via text as noted above.

My Men’s basketball tickets wouldn’t load this fall, no problem with the Women’s. Talked with them numerous times over the phone, none of their “suggestions” would work. So, since I live in Fayetteville, I decided to go down there. They grabbed my phone, spent 30 minutes with it, and said they didn’t know what the issue was. I could load them in my wallet from the email, but nothing showed up in my account to load. They seemed to be happy with that, I told them I had/needed to transfer tickets every game. Anyway, after a few days, they finally showed up in my app, and have worked just fine since then. There seems to be bugs to workout every year, I guess it’s just part of “progress”.

I got an email that the BWA tickets are available. They do show up, but none of my tickets are transferable.

So are tickets transferable AFTER they are loaded to your wallet?

Don’t worry about transferring thru the ticket office site. Just take a screenshot of the tickets on your phone and text or email the screenshots to whomever you’re giving them to.

I don’t believe that method works anymore to cut down on fraud. I think you transfer through the app and to Marty’s question do it before transferring to wallet.

That would be new since the Ole Miss football game. Frankly, I have no idea how anyone could ever shut that method down. If you can see the image on your phone screen, you should always be able to screenshot it.

I just tried it for that Ole Miss ticket and had no issues.

I have not had any problems transferring football or basketball tickets.

That said, getting the Liberty Bowl tickets was a nightmare. I called the ticket office, they promised to look into it and call me back, never did. My son finally got it to work. I guess that means it was probably at least in part my fault (ID 10T Operator Error). But I swear I followed the instructions to a T.

Taking a screenshot and texting still works. I just did it for the Missouri basketball game last week.

I do it that way because there are no issues on transferring the tickets.

Ticket office has no clue, just as I thought.

Then they hung up on me. When I reconnected, they told me to log out of everything and try again in about an hour.

We will see.

And now, I can’t even login to the ticket site. There is no telling what is going on with the football ticket launch tomorrow.