Thursday's if-necessary game

If Arkansas wins tonight, tomorrow’s game will be at 3 p.m. on ESPN2.

Well drat!

I thought it was going to be at 6:00
Will be at work

Of course, it may not happen anyway

That’s thanks to the Paperclips winning today. And the NBA draft I suspect.

Actually it’s because of weather threat

The official bracket had said a single game would begin at 6:00

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It is now officially necessary! GHG!


Yep…because of impending weather moving in tomorrow evening. It appears it was already starting to get a touch cooler by end of game.

Let’s win and let’s have 3 days of steady rain.

Will can start Monday’s game one, and Conner should be ready to go Tuesday for game 2.

We can always hope.

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That would be great. The rain sure saved Oregon State! We all know how that worked out.

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I never worry about start times, the game starts when I say so. :sunglasses:

Via my DVR or last nite the game was on demand roughly 10 minutes after it ended. Just have to avoid all scoreboards.

That’s my problem
And friends who text me during games

Trying to decide whether to have the game on in my office at 3:00 or try to wait it out and watch on replay

Pretty sure my nerves won’t let me wait

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Omaha forecast for this weekend from NWS:

40% chance of rain/thunderstorms tonight.
30% Friday
50% Friday night
30% Saturday
Partly cloudy Saturday night
Mostly sunny Sunday
Mostly clear Monday/Monday night

Just have to tell everyone you have an emergency appendectomy to do at 3:00.:wink:

Well I am not a surgeon so I’m sure they would see through that

Of course, everyone here knows where my mind will be anyway

How about OBGYN? Trying to help you out here. :slightly_smiling_face:

Had my front office move everyone up a few minutes, so I should be out of here in time to grab a bite on the way home.

And then their are us old retired folks.

Hope nobody comes in after 3 with some weird diagnosis. No telling what you’ll order. Extra batting practice, probably.


I may put a diagnosis on a chart “can’t hit the curve”

If a patient comes in for a prostrate exam with a Ole Miss shirt on……uh oh…

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