Thursday Update: Fitz Hill on Justice Hill....

just on Drive Time Sports on 103.7 The Buzz.

He said that Justice was very upset that Coach Anderson was fired because obviously he had planned to play for him since the ninth grade.

Justice and Desi Sills were actually on the floor working out when Coach Anderson learned he had been fired and he came to get them for the team meeting.

So he was not in the right mind to go practice football so Fitz told him to just recalibrate his mind and concentrate on basketball right now.

Thus Justice will not be going through any spring football practice.

He also advised him to do his best to help recruiting when the new coach is hired.

Fitz also believes that most of the current players are waiting to see who the head coach is before making decisions on staying or entering the transfer portal.

Dudley has Fitz ever said anything on the record about the Reggie Perry ordeal?

On the record? No. :sunglasses:

Serious question, will there be a time in the foreseeable future where the truth will be told?

Pretty much everything usually gets out over time.

I assume people worry about not having everything pinned down to report it.

I’m certainly one of those, but I believe what I have been told from people close to the situation on both sides.