Thursday Update: Fitz Hill on Justice Hill....

just on Drive Time Sports on 103.7 The Buzz.

He said that Justice was very upset that Coach Anderson was fired because obviously he had planned to play for him since the ninth grade.

Justice and Desi Sills were actually on the floor working out when Coach Anderson learned he had been fired and he came to get them for the team meeting.

So he was not in the right mind to go practice football so Fitz told him to just recalibrate his mind and concentrate on basketball right now.

Thus Justice will not be going through any spring football practice.

He also advised him to do his best to help recruiting when the new coach is hired.

Fitz also believes that most of the current players are waiting to see who the head coach is before making decisions on staying or entering the transfer portal.

Yea MA finally built the relationships with some of the good in state kids. After some really good ones got sent elsewhere and got paid to go elsewhere. Then gets canned so the AD can hire his man he hired before at his previous school
Wish there were more upperclassmen & Sr’s on the roster to help hold the team together.

I doubt the rabid fans will be happy with is about to happen.

Few minutes ago on Recruiting Intelligence Report show, Fitzgerald Hill said that he is hearing Shaka Smart will be leaving Texas for Va Tech and Chris Beard will be going to Texas for big money. I always thought Texas was final destination for Beard.

I’m not sure that will happen, but I also wouldn’t be surprised.

I believe its already been mentioned here that the AD prior to HY was the one that hired Sampson. Then that AD left and HY took over. At least that was my take on what was discussed. I could be remembering it wrong as I’m getting old and things are starting to go on me (ie my memory for starters). :slight_smile:

Yuracheck didn’t hire Sampson.

Try and keep up people.

About as factual as some of the arguments against Mike.

Really appreciate this report. Been worried about Juice. Been committed all this time and no doubt has a strong relationship with Mike.

Apparently, this is what happened and why everyone is confused on this. HY was assistant AD (or something similar) at Houston. He was instrumental in getting Sampson his job, he was also instrumental in getting the guy now coaching Texass FB (supposedly). Then when the AD left (I don’t know why he left) and it was open, they returned the favor and got HY his AD job at Houston.

So, yes HY didn’t actually hire him, but he maybe the main reason he got his job.

Like JCP is the reason Chad got the job…or maybe Jones and Feritta had something to do with it???

Back to topic, I really hope these kids like the hire (whether we do or not) and stay together.

I’m sure Jones and Fertitta played a part in those hires.

Mack Rhoades was the AD who hired Sampson and Tom Herman at UH. HY was on the search committee for both positions but how critical his role was isn’t clear from what I can find.

The idiot portion of the fan base will moan and groan if we don’t land a big name. It’s a shame bc we fired a good coach and great man without a plan it seems

Or, the idiot portion of the fan base will simply assume there is no plan to hire a great coach.

Yeah because we’ve had great plans before…Outside of Mike Anderson who was connected to the program all we’ve been able to pull in here are up-and-coming coaches. So spare me the plan… I’ll believe it when I see it

You are actually right to be skeptical given the ineptitude of Arkansas athletics for the last several years. But we’ve got a new guy, and Mike to his massive credit has cleaned it up. It’s a good job. So I’m optimistic. Let it play out.

No matter how many times schools go through a coaching change, the fan base seems to think that a school can/should have a coaching candidate waiting in the wings for an offer. It is never that simple. Sometimes things work out, but not always.

Why does it seem that there’s not a plan? The job has been open for TWO DAYS.

Good lord people, get a grip.