Thursday recruiting tidbits: Massive O-lineman planning visit

Good recruiting news, the O-Line has to be a major focus for our Staff while trying to turn things around.
Building any structure begins with a strong foundation and that is also true when building a Football roster.

Go Hogs!

I remain very impressed that we can get kids like these to the HIll, with a 4-13 record. If we could just start winning some, it could really turn into some very impressive signing classes.


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The first task is getting these players to come take a look at the hill! If they get enough of them to come they will land a few! And I agree winning would help.
The major selling point for an O Lineman can be looking out on game day and seeing a freshmen starting!
Playing time will make the difference.

Like reading about these Olinemen. going against some tough ones, but that is who we play so we have to get some of these. At least they can look at it like those guys do not have any SEC linemen so I could certainly play right away. Not sure how big a selling point that is.