Thursday podcast 8/26

Ga Southern will be a nightmare for our defense,DL will be glad when the game is over,they will be cut block every play and its just a VERY tough week for them. GS will score on us bc they do everybody,you can’t simulate what they do with your scout team and when the game starts GS is running at WARP speed than what you practiced against,just a survive and advance game and hope you stay healthy.

It’s interesting you call their pace warp speed. I read a stat that Georgia Southern took 31.6 seconds between snaps last season, which was the slowest in FBS. Granted, Doug Ruse took over the offense midway through the season, so it could have been quicker after that change. I didn’t see Georgia Southern play last year.

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I was talking about the speed at which they execute the plays not really the pace which the plays are called.They know that offense very well and they attatck your defense WAY faster than your scout team can bc they really don’t know that type offense at all.I didn’t see them play either,just going on what I’ve seen in the past

I think if we struggle against GS or Rice it’s going to be a very long football season. We may start slow the first game, make a few errors but the end score should not even be in any way close.

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Triple-option teams have an uncanny ability to level the playing field. I mentioned in the podcast Army’s game at Oklahoma that went to overtime a few years ago. That was the OU team with Kyler Murray.

Georgia Southern has come close to some Power 5 upsets, too, including against Georgia in Mark Richt’s final season and at Georgia Tech during their Orange Bowl year. Minnesota scored the game-winning TD with 13 seconds left to beat Georgia Southern two years ago. That Minnesota team won 11 games.

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I am predicting a very tough game with Georgia southern. They will ball control you to death if you let them.

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Back in the Day with Kenny Hatfield’s “Flex Bobe” that is exactly what happened

I’m predicting that we beat that a@@. I really think that our “high school coach” is way in the rear view mirror, we are becoming a legit SEC team. of course, I’ve been wrong plenty of times, but I think this will be a fun year.


I definitely hope we get out there and take care of business but it’s a contrast in styles that we don’t see very often. I’ve seen it too many times when You face teams like that,that it’s far closer than you think or want it to be

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