Thursday pitching matchup

Arkansas: RHP Blaine Knight (9-0, 2.88 ERA)

Florida: RHP Jack Leftwich (4-4, 4.80 ERA).

Interesting. Why no Singer? Has he pitched in the last 2 weeks?

They said something about him having a tight hamstring they still may be watching that closely

I thought they said last night that Singer will not pitch in the tournament and will rest for the regionals.

Singer missed his start against Moo U with a hamstring injury! I listened all day yesterday and didn’t hear them say he was out until the super or series but it don’t suprise me! Their offense is sputtering right now. I hope we don’t wake them up tonight.

Ironically, for us, that is not necessarily “good news”. We have rocked him pretty well the last two times he started against us. His ERA is 15.75 in those two losses.

Not many teams that can say that. … .27.17.pdf … .23.18.pdf

I think our players see the ball well out of Singer’s hand and have forced him to throw strikes.

They said singer will not pitch in the tournament on the SEC now this morning yes we have tee off on Singer because he will challenge you we do real well with people who throw hard and come At you. We have trouble with the guys who have big changeups and off-speed pitches.