Thursday observations

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Bielema surprised the team by cutting practice short so they could head next door to swim at the HPER. The DL dominated before that. Rough day for the OL + Dominique Reed.

That + more above.

To add to what Jimmy wrote about the early passing drill, Dan Enos decided to run a couple of routes and dropped two passes. The quarterbacks had made the managers do up-downs ( and they did them) but Dan didn’t do any up downs. There was speculation among the entire group that he wouldn’t. And, he didn’t. Dan isn’t fluid in his routes. I think his wheels are gone.

Clay or Jimmy,

Is it possible for Raulerson to take over C, move Ragnow back to G (RG next to Skipper), and put Malone and Ramirez at LG/LT? Or are the other guys far and away better right now?

There is some thought that Ragnow may get a look right tackle, which would push Raulerson into the first-team center spot.

I don’t think Ramirez or Malone are ready to step in and play yet.

I think there are two main competitions that’ll determine who winds up where…

Is Brian Wallace better at RT than Colton Jackson is at LT? That appears to be the case right now, which means Skipper is at LT.

And then, is Zach Rogers or Jake Raulerson better? Rogers appears to have the edge and is running with the 1s at RG right now. Obviously all three of Ragnow, Rogers and Raulerson can shift between C and RG. If Raulerson was able to be an answer at C, that frees up Ragnow to be used elsewhere.

Saturday’s scrimmage is important to start figuring stuff out on the OL.