Thursday Morning NIT bracketlogy watch

This site has us as the last team on the next 4 out for NCAA tournament. Which would put us as a 2 seed in NIT.

This guy has us as a 5 seed in NIT. … 7943079936

The first one is Wednesday’s.

Yesterday morning it had us as a 3 seed. Then yesterday afternoon we were a 2 seed and on the next four out list.

There is another site out there that says there are 26 teams fighting for 8 (I believe it was ESPN bubble watch) spots in the NCAAT. We are not one of the 26. That means that bracketologist has us at 19th for the NIT. Yesterday it was also noted #1 seeds in conference tourneys are currently 2-9. One, Gonzaga, will still be in the dance. The other 8 will fall to the NIT. That knocks us down to 27th on his NIT bracket, meaning we have to beat FL, or hope 5 more teams don’t knock off 1 seeds.

It also looks like LSU will be at full strength when we play them.

It’s hard to get excited about this. I find it hard to swallow the hogs always this time of year never do enough to get a solid seed for the dance. Even last year the senior lasen team played poorly and then went on a run to get a 8 or 9 seed.
Wouldn’t it be nice for the hogs to have a solid season and not be in this position?
The NIT would do our hogs more good than the dance.

Updated on 3/14/2019 @ 10:00am EST.

Today is Thursday March 14th.

It’s just a watch where we’re at, I’m not conceding to a NIT bid just yet. Different bracketologist are saying different things. As you can see it’s big difference just from the 2 guys I posted up there. If what the guy says on dratings is somewhat accurate we’re still right in the hunt for an NCAA tournament bid, being one of the first 8 teams out. So many things can still happen, kinda hard to get a clear picture right now. If we beat Florida today, once guys like Lunardi and Palm update their stuff we’ll get a better picture on if beating LSU would sneak us in the NCAA tournament, or if we’d need to beat LSU and get 1 more.

I do think If we beat Florida, I think you’ll start to see us appear on the last 4/next 4 out list by most bracketologist. And even if we beat Florida, they still may be a tournament team as well.

I don’t care when it says it updated, I’m telling you it said the same thing yesterday afternoon, and something different yesterday morning.

Which could explain our disagreement about the morning of the Ole Miss game, we weren’t on there, and you said we were. It changes daily, sometimes more than once

Edit: In regards to AR, there were some conference tourney games yesterday that could have affected the lower projected seeds

I think the hogs will put Florida out if we beat them. I also get the feeling we need to beat Florida, LSU and Auburn. That might not be enough! I don’t know if the hogs will have enough left in their legs because we just don’t have enough depth.
8 or 9 deep won’t allow you a lot of fresh legs. Jump shots will start coming up short and the teams will fresher legs will be able to take advantage.
They have the seed for the SEC tournament they earned just like they have earned the poor profile they have for the dance.
Right now look back at the schedule and wouldn’t it be nice to have a “w” instead of the “L” in these games.
Texas, WKY, Georgia Tech, Missouri, Texas A&M and Florida! The other losses wouldn’t hurt like these do. You could also add the road loss to S Carolina.

I said right before our trip to Columbia SC, I believed we needed 21 to get in the tourney. Winning the SECT puts us there. But it would be a moot point because we would have the auto qualifier,

Could we get in with 20? If (big if) we beat FL, LSU (apparently will be at full strength), and AUB. But I’m not sure AUB will beat USCe. Not sure beating the Gamecocks will carry as much weight as beating AUB in the eyes of the committee, but as I said last week, I hope we avoid both AUB and TN, I don’t think we match up well with either. Making the finals will certainly have us square on the bubble.

As for the NIT, I think we definitely have to beat FL. I’m still not sure we don’t have to win 2 (win over LSU). As I said in my reply to Blu, there is at least one guy that has us at what would be #27 in line of getting into the NIT, and you have others that a win over FL and losses by others would put us in the Big Dance. It is a lot of conjecture right now. I just want to win

Ok, Baked, I’ll be honest, I don’t really care if it was updated this morning or last night, I’m just going off of what the site says, I don’t feel like going back and forth about it. I just posted to give guys an idea where some bracketoligst see us at. You’ve made it quite clear you don’t agree with a lot of it and have your own opinions, this thread is not about that, you’ve already let us know where you stand in other threads, let’s keep those thoughts in there and not derail this thread with that. I made this thread to discuss what the bracketolgist are saying.

I edited my response. It was in regards to AR. Yesterday morning we were the first #3 seed. Yesterday afternoon we were on the next four out and a #2 seed. But also there are a lot of games left to be played.

One game that helped the hogs last night WVA beat OU in the BIG 12.
I’m hoping TCU gets beat today that would help as well.

See, that’s what I’m talking about, OU was one of the 26, So is Bama and FL. I also believe St Mary’s was one when originally posted, but obviously they’re now in.

It’s happened multiple times.

I believe they were a 7, but also at this time last year, they were solidly in per the bracketologists. If you’re talking about Jan - Mar, then you’re correct they did make a run. I believe they ended the regular season going 10-4.

Wouldn’t it be nice to already know our hogs had earned a top 16 seed? That’s what I would like every once in a while.

The hogs need to win!
Florida would be out!
Creiggton needs to get beat today!
Alabama needs to get beat!

After that game just then we don’t deserve another game!

Don’t know if you noticed, but Dykes said he believed that was Gafford’s last game in a Razorback uniform. That means the ESPN guy doesn’t think we get to the NIT

Who really cares what Dykes thinks! I sure don’t. The hogs didn’t earn to play in anyboost season tournament. Forget this season and we have wasted having a dominant big man again! Too many role players on this roster whom can’t play basketball.