Thursday, June 28, 2018 NC day!

I have been a nervous wreck. I think I am over the nervous part. When I get into
this state of mind sometimes I watch a recorded TV series for escape, or I read or play chess. I was reading an excellent bit from a site I really like, Brain Pickings by Maria Popova. In a wonderful piece about the writings of John Steinbeck, she referenced a
great quote of sorts from EB White(fond memory of Elements of Style) to the effect
that, 'A writer should “lift people up, not lower them down.” It helped me gather my
thoughts and feelings to be at peace with what is now past. Thank you again, EBW.
So, with the comments from CDVH, I am believing that he and this awesome staff
he has assembled will accentuate the positive and our team will rise from the ashes to claim the prize and bring the Baseball National Championship to Arkansas.

Because it is the calling of a coach to “lift people up, not lower them down.”

Responding after getting A Gut Punch tells a lot about people. I think we respond.