Thursday-Friday-Saturday series in 2023

I learned today that the SEC has moved Arkansas’ series at Georgia (April 20-22) and at home against Texas A&M (April 27-29) to begin on Thursday.

That gives the Razorbacks four Thursday-Friday-Saturday series next season, along with the ones at Ole Miss (April 6-8) and at Vanderbilt (May 18-20). Those are Thursday series starts due to Easter and the final regular-season weekend.

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I like the Thursday through Saturday series. You don’t have to compete with Sunday church. And we all know the weekend always starts on Thursday anyway.

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Another schedule note: Arkansas will only play Army once next year. That was originally a two-game series in March.


In Texas against that Austin school and TCU
At Ole Miss
At State
At Vandy

That’s a full load.

The home schedule is tough, too. Texas A&M and Auburn were in Omaha last season, Tennessee was the best team in the country, and you can count on Louisiana Tech being a rock fight. Alabama always seems to play Arkansas tough.

There are also a lot of mid-week games against teams that were very good in their leagues last season.

Rock fight? The only time I ever got in bad trouble at school was in the second grade for throwing rocks at recess. I don’t think I hit anyone. But you are not supposed to throw rocks. Toughest thing to do when teaching a youngster how to fly fish: Don’t throw rocks in the river. The fish tend to scatter.

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Yeah the road schedule is off the chain hard and the home schedule isn’t much better that’s why I have very low expectations for this team as many holes as they have to fill. Hopefully it will be a surprise team though,those are always the best.

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