Thursday Dec 5th Coaching Search Thread

Kiffin is still the top rumored next HC. Supposedly he’s got a budget of $10 mm for compensation for he and his coaching staff.

FAU is making a run to keep him. No way that works.

Feels like we are in a holding pattern until Saturday or Sunday.

Leach is waiting in the wings.

No more interviews.

Is HY & BOT aligned on the future?

Kiffin or Leach is light years better than the last 2 years.

Time to follow advise from GB’s QB… R-E-L-A-X

Is Sexton representing either Kiffin or Leach?

Lots can change quickly until paperwork is inked.

Reported last week that Kiffin is a Sexton guy…

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Heard today on Drivetime that Leach is his own agent.

Mike Leach’s agent is Gary O’Hagan.

Lane Kiffin’s agent is Jimmy Sexton.

No one asked, but it bears worth watching, Eliah Drinkwitz’s agent appears to be Sexton, too.

Arkansas’ search team spent the day in Fayetteville. I was told they got home Tuesday night and that the interview process is complete.

Thursday will be an interesting day. I still don’t get the sense that anything is imminent in terms of an announcement. If nothing has happened by the end of the day, then it would stand to reason that the top target is probably in a conference championship game. If that is the case, I could see a timeline of Sunday press release, Monday introduction.

Harsin and Drinkwitz are possibly the back up if Kiffin and Leach don’t fill the bill. It would not surprise me if one of those guys is in the top two. They sure have excelled thus far. 11-1 records are nothing to sneeze at.

Drinkwitz is intriguing. It’s almost like Arkansas has the inside track to hire a coach who you know will be hot on the market in a year or two, but it seems unlikely to happen because of the short sample size as a head coach.

I know that his wins over North Carolina and South Carolina this year turned heads within the coaching community. I’ve heard some try to pass it off as App State having a ready-made team. I don’t buy that. App State is a good Sun Belt team, but does not recruit near the level of an ACC or SEC school.

He may have a small sample size but in my opinion what he has done would have blown the doors off the hire the last time!

My bet is if Kiffin says no, Eliah coming…WPS

Matt, if App State doesn’t recruit at a high level, then it must be coaching that has them rated so high. I can understand a coach not getting the credit if he has a group of studs. I would buy that the competition isn’t the same as the ACC and SEC rather than the athletes are not at that level.

Hard to know exactly what is going on but could someone explain to me why Kiffin would not be interested in FSU and why FSU would not be interested in Kiffin? Seems to me that Kiffin would be a better fit for FSU than Norvell because his recruiting ties in Florida. Seems to me that the FSU job is the first domino that has to fall in order to determine who goes where.

do any of you know why Norvell is not in the mix? He just seems like a no-brainer, just like he did 2 years ago. I’m not saying he’s the #1 choice, but if he’s our “fall back”, that would still be a great hire.

But it’s like he doesn’t even exist, just really odd for a hot coach, who played at UCA, and currently coaches in a recruiting hot-bed, and is from a recruiting hot-bed.

Maybe it’s the corn rows on his UCA pic?


Norvell does not like how the process played out last time - at all.

He doesn’t understand that it is just business?

My predictions:

Norvell to Ole Miss
Kiffin stays home for a few million or we break the bank in the 5+ million range and bring him to Fayetteville.
Drinkwitz is backup plan.
Blake Anderson moves a little further north to Columbia.

If I get one of the 3 of these it’s HOF #s.

Nailed it.

Norvell - to Ole Miss makes sense, but I think he’s going elsewhere

Kiffin - I don’t think he’s leaving FL either

Anderson - May move, but I don’t think it’ll be Columbia

I don’t think Drinkwitz is the backup plan, think he maybe option #1

baked…………… Out of nowhere you’ve blown this thing wide open. The Lane Train has just derailed.

Obviously you have some connections, so is this twist with Drinkwitz opinion (gut instinct) or based upon solid info/intel?

FAU writers on twitter are talking about offering Kiffin as much as $1.5 million (he makes $950k now according to them). And even that seems a stretch to them with their budget.

If Kiffin stays at FAU, it won’t be because of money.