Thursday Bracketology Updates...

USA Today has Arkansas as a 10th seed this morning after the win at South Carolina.

Obviously getting to a 8 or 9 - if possible - and being placed in Tulsa would seem to be the best case scenario … /97986218/

ESPN’s Joe Lunardi has them as a 11th seed in Salt Lake City … acketology

I was surprised to see that Lunardi didn’t move us up more. Before the game we were in his last four in (the play-in game teams). Now he has us as the last team in that avoids the play-in games. I sure thought that last night’s win would have given us a bigger bump.
As we come down the stretch, it makes me wonder if individual games have less of an effect than we tend to think.

Yeah, that shocked me too. During the game they showed he had us as the First of the Last Four in, now we are Last of the Last 4 byes. We moved up from 65 to 64. You would expect a bigger jump. Carolina fell from a 6 to a 7.

It would not shock me for us to win out and then win one or 2 in the SEC tournament and get snubbed. Remember South Carolina last year! I don’t like the 8-9 seed line. I’d rather be a 12 or 11. Who cares as long as your in. I just would like to see us have a chance to make a run and the 11-12 seed line gives us a better chance to get more than one win.
Those bad losses to Mississippi State, Vanderbilt and Missouri are still there and it will be hard to overcome. This team needs to play the zone defense with energy and make some shots. Win and hope that’s all we can do!

In no way do we need a 8/9 seed. Much better shot at Sweet 16 not playing a 1 seed.

South Carolina had a 73 RPI and 123 SOS, plus one of their wins was against a D2 school which doesn’t count towards RPI, so really they ended with 23 wins. Our current RPI is 36. If we win the remainder of regular season games our predicted RPI would 26 with 62 SOS. We would be a lock. Probably looking at a 7 or 8 seed.

Really? It wouldn’t shock you?

BLU, the wizard hasn’t updated yet. If you go to our page it still says current RPI 48. Our current RPI is 36. So, obviously it will probably be higher (if you just count the SCe win on the wizard it raises us to 39)

Nothing surprises me anymore. Especially the way the media has their opinion of us and the SEC. We should get 4 teams for sure in the tournament and possibly the 5 the team in. Arkansas has been left out in the past when we should have gotten in.
The best thing to do is win and make the media like it. WPS!!

Arkansas has also gotten in when we shouldn’t. Our last Sweet 16 team was a 12 seed and people said it was a joke that we got in. Then we beat the 5 and the 4.

Response: SC had a weak non conference last season

If we win out and win 1 or two in SEC we will be a solid 7 seed. I think if we take care of business we should have no problem getting back to a 9 and in Tulsa. That’s what I want.

When was that?

I’m really tempted to dig out my deceased equine GIF, because you’re flogging this fallacy for all its worth. SoCar had the #247 nonconference strength of schedule last year. We have #54 this year. (And proving that you can learn from your mistakes, SoCar’s NCSOS this year is #59). A schedule full of NC cupcakes is why the Gamecocks didn’t get an invitation to the Dance.

Yes, we still have work to do. No, we’re not a lock. Everybody acknowledges that. But to keep dredging up last year’s SoCar scheduling mistake completely misses the point.

I have always felt that if you aren’t a top 4 seed, 11 - 12 was the best spot to be in. That’s where all the upsets come from and the deep runs by Cinderella teams. Much easier than a 7, 8 ,9 or 10.

Arkansas vs. St. Mary’s would be a very interesting match-up. And, would result in a house divided for us. Heck, at the same venue in Salt Lake City is also USC. As my better half says, the real USC not that bunch from South Carolina. :slight_smile: If Joey Brackets draw was to become reality, we might have to have a family road trip to SLC. Me (Hogs), my better half (USC), our daughter and son-in-law (St. Mary’s). That would be some kind of fun and is fun to think about.


Friday afternoon Bracket Matrix update:

Now 110 brackets included (number always rises as you get into late February). We’re listed on 83 of them, enough that we’re the #2 11 seed. They list six 11 seeds, in case four of them might get sent to Dayton for an early tournament tipoff. Plenty of 12 seeds among those who list us, and one guy in Vancouver, Canada, still has us as a 7 seed in his Wednesday update.

Pray for Anything but a 8-9 seed line

I just want to watch the selection show with interest . I will take a bad seed , as long as we dance