Thursday biggest game so far IMO

It is imperative that we win Thursday so that we can gain control of the series.we cannot let them do what nobody has done all year win the first game on our field and let them gain the momentum and put in our minds here we go again. We don’t need to put the pressure of winning the series on two freshmen so it’s a huge huge game hopefully Campbell will be on his very best and we swing the bats like we have never before and send a message to these River rats that there’s a new trend about to start!!!

Yep. Thursday is big. Tough to win a series when you lose the first one. Can’t get the sweep unless you win the first one. But win the first one & the chances of winning the series really go up.

Absolutely and also LSU has several good left-handed hitters and are responsible for a good bit of their offense so wicklander should do a very good job against themso if we win Thursday I feel we can win Friday much easier then Saturday because they are going to be a tough matchup for Connor with all those left-handed power hitters waiting for that curveball.

As good as last year’s team was, that was one of my major frustrations with them. FOUR times we went out and won the first game of a SEC series ON THE ROAD, only to lose the next two. You’d think, after winning on Friday, the team would come out more relaxed and play well, at least splitting the remaining two games most of the time; well, at least SOME of the time. But we didn’t.

Still, you absolutely, positively DO want to win on Friday night - especially at home against a big rival like LSU. It’s a huge game to set us off on the right trajectory going into post-season play.

The OM/LSU game last Sunday was a slugfest. Final score 19-15. I just assumed their Sunday pitching was really weak.

LSU won’t have 2 top starting pitchers.
Jaden Hill from Asndown and Walker. M. Hilliard has pitched against the hogs before and Hess has come out of the bullpen lately so getting both of those to the the mound in game 1 and winning it would be huge. Just win 1 game at a time.

I think the hogs will hit enough to win just get a quality start and play solid defense.

I agree Thursday is big.

But I think the Sunday rally at Vandy and the Sunday to beat Tennessee at home were the biggest wins of the season so far and why they have the two-game lead in the West.

What he said

The next two weeks are Thursday, Friday and Saturday games

What they said…we are two up w 6 to play. Have to be the Fav at this point to win the West…but the biggest game of the season for the Hogs could happen at College Station.

Totally agree about the Sunday Vandy rally that set this team on fire and as far as the biggest wins of the yr hard to beat the beatdown of #2 Miss st to me it showed us we could play with anyone b/c they were playing very well coming into Baum…

I’d like to write in the 15-inning win at Auburn on my ballot. The team had lost four straight at that point and easily could have lost that game a number of times. That win set the team back in the right direction the weekend before the Vanderbilt series.

Arkansas went into that game 22-8 overall and 6-4 in the SEC, but is 15-4, 11-3 since.

Walker will pitch. Cole Henry is out for LSU for the third series in a row. Jaden Hill hasn’t pitched since the second weekend of the year.

All SEC games are big games and they all count as one. Just like MLB when that game you didn’t worry about in April counts just as much as that 'Big" game in Sep. It is the same in the SEC. That game you give away in late March counts just as much as the one in College Station. Win those early games (either league), and you can sleep through the last series.

Ok thanks for correcting me! I just hope LSU leaves the darn possum at Baton Rouge when they come to hill!