Thursday AD update

Wikipedia says he has accepted the position, can you confirm?

Anyone can update Wikipedia, for a long time the picture in J. Frank Broyles biography on Wikipedia was as head coach of Mizzou.

Ok, so somebody is jumping the gun, but Gragg may very well be the guy. The link used just says he is a candidate.

That waki thing has Gregg AD at University of Central Arkansas.

No it says Arkansas. No real source though.

KNWA is now reporting it as fact: Breaking Gragg to Arkansas

Several news agenciesare breaking it now, saw a tweet from a THV11 reporter saying it’s confirmed

With him being here for 6 years working with Frank and with Razorback Foundation He Knows what we need . I bet he won’t need a G.P.S to find his way around around Arkansas.

If confirmed, works for me. Now to get a coach.



Ha! Maybe that is where the Buzz’s Trey Schapp got it! … c-director

The Wikipedia margin Bio now shows Gragg is AD at Auburn! :oops: :lol:

I just talked to a source close to the BOT and he says:

“The Chancellor has not made a decision. The search is ongoing. This was leaked by someone who did so for their own self-interest.”

Something I think is important to note: I think Gragg still is a strong candidate for the Arkansas AD position.

Just saw a tweet from another site still claiming it is indeed Gragg, will be announced tomorrow.

I do not think that is accurate.

I don’t either, it’s just funny. I think certain sites are trying to scoop others without checking sources, even now, when you guys have confirmed no deal yet.

That’s pretty well connected with the Hogs & UofA. Being a Vandy grad is quite scholarly as well.
Won’t hold it against him being an Alabama Boy either. Maybe he can help recruit there also. :o

I have a good friend in Tulsa who is close to their athletic department and he said Tulsa would love us to take Derivk Gragg off of their hands. They are not happy with him, but are afraid to fire him and get sued.