Thurman won't return

Here is a story on Scotty Thurman’s departure from Arkansas’ basketball staff: … cks-staff/

Any idea what this tweet from Scotty is about?

It is clear that Scotty wants a coaching career and was unwilling to take this demotion.

I believe Scotty’s wife is a doctor in NWA and this will be a life changing event for the family. But Scotty is bright and I am sure Mike will find a place for him somewhere in college basketball.

Isn’t Fayetteville High School looking for a Boys Coach? Great place to start a Head Coaching career & stay home, IMO.

Whoever he hires as third assistant better be a stud because this story will haunt him if not. Big PR mistake imo.

Look, I love Scotty to death for what he did as a Hog

But let’s be real…

Do we really know anything about him as a coach?
Have we seen him work on practice?
Has our recruiting been all that great, or do we have any indication he was a killer recruiter?

It’s only a PR mistake if you want it to be. Thurman is one of my all time favorite players. I’m not sure he was a great coach or recruiter. Good luck to him but Muss has a right to make the call.

Clearly CEM either…

Does not care if he ruffles a few feathers

Has no idea that he just ruffled some feathers

Either way it’s his choice…

Just win baby!

This ^^^^


Agreed completely , although I can’t help but have a slight pain in the pit of my stomach over the news. Not sure why, other than what (if any) affect this might have with some of the in-state recruits. Have to trust in CEM and the process at this time and moving forward. All the best to Scotty and his family!

PR mistake would be yelling hookem…not hiring a former well known celebrity player is a choice.

Small staffs in college hoops vs football…I’d say it’s more of the norm for a new coach to clean house even though ST was offered a position.Wish all the luck to Scottie. Woo Pig!

Fayetteville hired Bulldogs assistant coach Brad Stamps for that job. It was understood he was the coach in waiting whenever Kyle Adams retired or stepped down. I think it’d be great if Scotty went that route, though.

Thx for the heads-up Scottie.

No its not. This is big boy basketball. Muss should be given absolute control and who he hires. I love scotty but its not a PR mistake.

This will slid under the bridge by noon tomorrow… good luck moving forward to both parties.