Thurman Interview

I think it was after the Tennessee game there was an interview with Scottie Thurman that I heard and he was asked who was playing at a high level. His response was Thomas, Thompson and Barfield. And Barfield was playing poorly at the time.
I have thought about this for awhile now and I still can’t get a grasp on it. Surely he is not that out of touch with what is going on on the court.
I bring this up because down the stretch CMA kept playing Thomas even though he was missing every other free throw. I know no one else was playing inspired ball, but it seemed like losing coaching to me.
I think if/until Moses starts playing with some strength and some heart, and maybe some brains, this team is going no where.
Watching him tonight get beaten on rebounds, miss put backs, having his shots blocked and shooting 3’s down the stretch was his season in a nutshell. He plays like he has mono with no strength at all.
Anyone have a take on any of this? It is all mind blowing and far too familiar with what we saw in football this season.
Actually I take that back. Despite the season results I never saw a football player play so below his obvious skills than we have seen from Moses. We saw bad play from some marginal at best football players, but I did not see the kind of under-achieving we have seen this season. That clanking sound is his NBA draft status falling. I am very sad to say every word of this, but I think it is true.

Sad commentary… but I agree.

Moses has serious anxiety on the court that can be seen in his face. Moses came back to improve his draft stock, but then he was named the SEC POTY…now he has a MASSIVE target on his back to add to the pressure to improve his draft stock. Moses is a defensive stud but he is trying to be an offensive stud at the same time teams are gunning for the SEC POTY. It has been said in some circles that Moses needs to focus on Defense and let the offense come naturally to him. Moses has turnovers on offense and forced shots that are driving me crazy. He tries to dribble inside of 10 feet so he gets stripped most times. I think Moses needs a come to Jesus meeting :wink: about his offensive role. The guards need to be told to not force the ball into Moses if he isn’t in good position, so they need to get the ball to him in better positions.

I like Mike too but he needs to make some changes like CBB. Rebounding has been a decades long issue for us. The decades long excuse about rebounding and the NR and MA style is getting old. We are playing more half court this year too, so that should allow for keeping players in rebounding position. There has to be some moderation of the scheme to insure that players are in position to rebound and which ones release for transition. We have the talent to rebound better. Florida, Minnesota, Misstake, Louisville, and Kentucky run fast yet seem able to run and rebound.

I have said it before and say it now, Moses cannot play with contact. If he gets hit he whines to the refs and goes into a shell. I saw it late in the season last year and again this season. I have not doubt that opposing coaches know it. It is part of the game within the game.

Dustin Thomas is a favorite player of…Nolan Richardson.

He sees what’s in there

My gosh, if you don’t know who our players are just please hush.

Zero fundamentals being taught to these kids

I think D. Thomas is a player who could be physical and give you some good minutes if you defined his roll. In my eyes he should be used much like a Dennis Rodman, bang down low,rebound,set picks and play aggressively on D, and he needs this explained to him so he knows what has to be done to get playing time. He doesn’t need to be handling the ball much or be leaned on to score other than on wide open situations,IMHO . WPS