Thunder nail 21 threes

In a 153-121 win over Rockets. 33% of the threes were hit by ex-Hogs. 5 by Isaiah and 2 by JWill.,

In the meanwhile, another DNP for Moody. Seems like only time Moses gets meaningful action is when someone in the backcourt is hurt.

Portis is still out with MCL sprain.

Moses needs to get the hell outta of GS…pronto.
Steph made Kerr.
Kerr is an average coach…or maybe even not that good.

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I think Moody is in the G league

Steve Kerr is a great coach. The splash bros didn’t win no championships with Marc Jackson.

He shows in box score as DNP Coach’s decision

I think issue is Moses and not the coach. There is a log jam in the wing positions with Curry, Klay, Poole, Kuminga, DiVinvenzo, Jerome. And they are just better than Moses.

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My bad. I should have checked. He was sent down last week for a couple of games. I guess he returned when they played Golden State. I’m sure GS would like to deal him.

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