Throwing on 1st down IMO our best shot at big play

I think this is important that we try to hit them deep on 1st down bc they will not be blitzing. They gave up 4 pass plays over 35 yds to SC so it can be done but will be real difficult on 3rd 7-8 bc they will pin their ears back and come at you(7 sacks against Clemson).
I also love the bunch set we showed last week bc lot of stuff can be done on it…I like the RPO to have a chance this week bc it puts the secondary in a bind…I’m not real sure we are going to be able to run on them bc just too many REALLY big guys that can run and hard to keep a hat on them long(really hope I’m wrong).I do like the Bootleg bc they come so hard but we haven’t shown that so not likely,swing screens to backs(A J Green) and Slant will slow them down on those blitzes if we execute them properly.
I’m looking forward to seeing how Briles attacks this Great defense…go Hogs WPS!!

I do like some first down passes, but I have always been a balance guy.

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It needs to be mixed up and it will take some luck. I think the hogs will break a few long runs and hit a few deep balls.
Getting behind the chains will be dangerous! It is a lot better to punt than to give up a pick!

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Oh yeah I agree I was just thinking if we’re going to try to go deep I’d go on first down when they’re not really expecting it. That’s what we did last week and caught them sleeping with Burks.we run about 68% of the time so they’re going to be expecting run on first I’m pretty sure

Something I haven’t seen discussed is KJ’s ability to read the defense and correctly call the RPO. Can he audible from a run to deep pass? Or vice versa if the coverage changes? I haven’t heard the breakdown on his decision making. Is he missing big opportunities downfield by pulling the ball down and running? Do we know when he decided to attack downfield instead of running the called play?

I have no idea to be honest,I have noticed he locks in a receiver pretty quick and pretty much stares them down and that may come back to haunt him but so far he has thrown the ball pretty well and will have to throw it VERY well tomorrow if we are to win.

Isn’t all the teams Georgia has played been ranked over 100 in total offense out of a possible 128? WPS

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