Throwing double shade

At the Cincy football team and at that Cincinnati culinary staple, Skyline Chili.

I’ve never had Skyline, but I hear it’s … not good.

Then we get some shade at the Cincy equipment staff.


I spent a lot of time in Cincinnati calling on Kroger HQ. My guys there finally convinced me to try Skyline Chili. Heartburn for two days. Yuck.

Love the helmet meme.

Thanks Jeff.

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Must be an acquired taste when everything was closed.

Yes, the old Cincinnati Chili debate…seems like the only people who really like it as chili are the folks who live in that part of Ohio and Kentucky. (Did you know the Cincinnati Airport is actually in Kentucky?)

Have done some work there in both states; their local debate is which version of Cincinnati Chili is better – Skyline or Dixie ? (The word “Dixie” never seemed to fit in that part of the world to me, but it works for them.) Same as the other poster comments about visiting Kroger HQ, the locals with whom I worked could not wait to introduce me to it. The first bite, and I did not like it at all. But then somehow it grew on me and I now make my own version of it and love it.

To acquire a taste for it, you must be ready for this – it’s not chili, at least not chili in the sense that we all know Southwest chili.

It’s not chili, but a very interesting and spicy/flavorful meat sauce. Before you take your first bite, it’s best to know that – because when you take a bite ready for chili – that taste is very offensive to your trained taste for chili.

To me, it’s very similar to a good Mexican mole sauce with the chocolate and cinnamon that is used in the Cincinnati chili. It has a lot of spices, none of which are ever used in Southwest chili.

We have our own family recipe for it, and we typically serve it alongside Southwest chili when we are doing a chili party or tailgate – we let people take their pick. Surprisingly, when you tell them “this is not chili despite the appearance and moniker “Cincy Chili”” – people seem to accept the taste, and in fact, it’s gone quickly because it does taste really good for a meat sauce. We think it goes best with oyster crackers and cheese. But we’ll also do that Cincinnati thing with spaghetti, just in case anybody wants to give that a try.

We love to enter it into “chili cookoffs”…so much fun to see the Judges take that first taste and reject it and say “that’s not chili, not sure what it is, but that’s not chili…”…and then some times a Judge will keep eating and say "it’s really good, but it’s not chili:…



I lived in Cincy working for UC. I got my first and only taste of it at a Cyclones hockey game. Had settled in with my chili dog, and $1 Old Milwaukee, ready to see a fight break out. I found it offensive and nearly spit it on the row in front of me. Lol. It seemed to have a cinamon cocoa taste. Yuck. Some swear by it, but its not for me.

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Y’all got something against cinnamon or what? Put it on spaghetti with cheese and onions :ok_hand:

It is spaghetti meat sauce. Definitely not chilli.

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Cincy chili is only good when you top it with Vegemite.

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skyline is a mystery survivor, I have never met a native or visitor who liked the stuff. However, give me Graeters ice cream any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

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Nothing wrong with cinnamon. My mom’s meatball stew was a Sunday lunch staple for years. Tomato paste and sauce, carrots, green peppers, onion, salt, pepper, meatballs, and the magic ingredient, cinnamon. Maybe something else. Put it on the stove to simmer before church, make some cornbread when we got home. Still have the recipe. Really takes me back.

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