Through the entire game, I never saw one of our skill players...............

…appear to have escapability against any of Auburn’s linebackers and secondary. No receivers breaking free and getting separation from their defender. No tight ends appearing to have mis-matches with a safety or line backer trying to defende them. Hayden on the outside a few times and Rakeem Boyd on a few runs where he broke clean through the line (two of our best skill guys) and they always seem to be able to be run down easily and tackled by Auburn’s defenders. They have outstanding speed on defense and we don’t on offense.

On our defense, they had raved about the Auburn wideout named Schwarz who was supposed to an All-World speed guy on Auburn’s track team. He went deep on a fly pattern and Pulley stayed with him every step of the way. We do have some speed on defense with Pulley and Greenlaw and Ramsey. Just not as much as Auburn.

Schwartz does have world-class speed. As a 17-year-old he ran a 10.07 in the 100 meters. He was a silver medalist in the event at the World U-20 championships this summer.

And, at least wearing football pads and running on a football field, Pulley is just as fast. We need more like him!

Mike Woods will eventually be one of these guys. He’s got real potential. Morris can definitely recruit receivers.