Through 3 quarters, Chelsea Dungee has 33 points

And Hogs lead the Rebnecks 64-51. Chelsea has made 11 of 13 free throws and a couple of treys.

Dungee finishes with 38 points, a season high, and Hogs win 84-74.

That’s one heck of a game! The Hogs get another win!

At the end of the third I was pushing so hard for her to hit 40+ but she seemed to have dialed it back in the fourth a little. But, I could tell she could have hit another ten if she wanted too. They didn’t have an answer for her.

The whole team seemed to be struggling in the fourth quarter from what Phil was saying. Took us almost three minutes to score at all and the Rebnecks made a run. We hung on but it was not a very good quarter.

She’s amazing! I was wanting to watch but game wasntvon TV or ESPN watch unless I just missed it somehow

It wasn’t on TV anywhere. Because the gymnastics team was going to be on TV, and because the hoops game was moved back 24 hours due to the weather, they couldn’t do both telecasts on the same night.

Yeah kind if figured game being moved had to have something to do with it.

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