Through 2 games, UK not exactly killing it from behind the arc

9 for 36 v Canisius and SFA

I don’t think Fox and Monk are in the class of Dusty and Bell in 3 point shooting. But damn, are those two quick or what!


Incredibly quick. Will be interesting to see who has the ball in their hands during crunch time. Looks like Briscoe is their guy.

I was wondering who that would be for Arkansas. Looks like it’ll be Hannahs. His free throw shooting is a weapon. I was hoping that Barford could be that guy, but through Spain, exhibitions and one game, he hasn’t shown an ability to get to the foul line. Looking forward to seeing him again tonight and if he tries to get into the paint more often.

I think it will be at the start of the season. Wouldn’t surprise me to see Macon with the ball late either.

The pre-season prediction is definitely for Barford to have the ball. Orher than super quickness, he seems to have everything you need to play that role. His lack of aggressiveness has surprised me. From Dudley’s reports and video highlights, I had thought the issue would be out of control dribble penetration in early games. Next three or four games will tell us more.