Throat slash gesture

Did Bielema address the throat slash gesture after our touchdown?

Yes. He said something to the effect “we can’t have that, that’s unacceptable” in an interview.

After University of Arkansas junior wide receiver Jonathan Nance, a transfer from Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, scored his first touchdown for the Razorbacks on a 49-yard pass play from Austin Allen, he made a throat slash gesture that was evident on TV replays.

Fortunately for Nance and the Razorbacks, it wasn’t seen by the officials or else it would have resulted in a 15-yard penalty applied to the kickoff.

"The official came over to me and said, ‘Hey, I couldn’t see what he was doing, but he did something,’ " Arkansas Coach Bret Bielema said. "When I went over to [Nance], he said something about brushing the shoulders off.

“He was emphatic it wasn’t a throat slash. Obviously, no room here for any type of hand gesture. Just hand the ball to the official.”

TCU quarterback Kenny Hill was penalized against Arkansas last season when he made a throat slash gesture after scoring a touchdown.

It looked to me like brushing off his shoulders, not a throat slash, but Nance didn’t need to do it no matter what it was.

Respect by players on the field has been lost! Look at our society!
I thought it was a throat slash.

Looked to me that he did the 2-hand “rip the shirt off to reveal you’re superman” gesture I see alot…then he dusted off his shoulders.
But no matter. Don’t do anything!! Officials are on the lookout in the college game. Gotta know that.

It looked like a throat slash to me. If it wasn’t, it was something designed to look like one. We don’t need that type of behavior. Talk about needless penalties. Just stupid.

I’ve seen two, maybe three post-touchdown celebration penalties today. Neither was a throat slash, but it’s apparently a point of emphasis this year.

The Gator Chomp by the Vol was probably the biggest. Gave Florida great field position.

Yes, it’s just dumb. I know Nance wasn’t on the team last year, but he should know after Kenny Hill’s throat slash gave us great field position for the game-tying drive that he shouldn’t have done whatever he did (which I think was a slash). Not being harsh to him because I’m glad he’s a Hog, but such celebration penalties are selfish and hurt the team.