Three wins from Omaha

And after tonight we can go 3-2 to do it. Hoping we don’t need the extra games, but that’s why tonight was huge. Last year, if you recall, we went 5-1 to get to the CWS.

Hogs, Vandy, Moo U, LSU and Auburn are in the driver’s seat in their regionals. Aggies, Florida and Tennessee stayed alive today. Rebnecks are beating Clemson. Free Shoes clobbered Georgia though. SEC is 9-1 today, assuming OM wins, after a 7-3 record yesterday.

Yep. Lost to SC in the second game of the Super last year, but dominated them in the 3rd game. Right now it looks like we’ll face OM next week. They worry me more than SC did. (And nothing would make me sicker than OM getting to Omaha at our expense.)