Three Things To Hold Against CBB

There are three things I hold against CBB:

  1. The poor handling of the offensive line post Pittman. Despite CBB’s reputation in Wis. Pittman was clearly the OL genius the first few years. The last two seasons have been a disgrace.
  2. The poor handling of Special Teams from day one. He inherited a good place kicker and has had good punters and that is it. Not having a special teams expert has been a huge mistake.
  1. The recruiting, development and playing of safeties, Right up to this day the same failed players are out on the field because they trust no one else. I believe it to be the Achiles Heal of the defense year after year.
    Quickly three things I do not blame him for this year:
  1. The uninspired play of Austin Allen from Game One.
  2. The loss of Ryan Pulley, which was huge.
  3. The lost season of Jared Cornelius. Even when he was in there he was dropping passes.

I can agree with most everything you are saying, including what I have put in bold face. I will say that he did recruit a very good high school kicker in Cole Hedland (Parade All-American, I believe), but for whatever the reason, the young man couldn’t have success in games. Did they not develop him well enough? IDK. They said he would make all the kicks in practice, but not the games. But other aspects of special teams (especially the return games) have been lacking.

Kickers have always been known to be unpredictable. I don’t blame CBB at all for Hedlund’s failures. He made kicks in practice. Nothing a coach can do if the same kid who does that simply lets game pressure get into his head. Neither do I blame him for recruiting him. He was a HS AA.

The criticism about the O-line is legit. I have no idea if they (including Pittman) simply misevaluated or if the coaching has failed to get them to live up to their potential. I know some players simply fail to pan out. However, we’ve had more than a couple in the O-Line. It’s unlikely simple coincidence we’ve had so many in the O-line.

I totally agree with the original poster.

He’s not referring specifically to Hedlund. Other than Skipper’s blocked field goals we haven’t performed well at all on special teams since Joe Adams graduated.

All of the big special teams plays have been in favor of our opponents.

The loss of Raleigh and those he mentioned are horrible breaks.

I also agree with the original post… especially special teams… somewhere in America there is a kicker who wants to be a Razorback who can put the ball into end zone the majority of the time. If we had one, we probably win the aTm game. It should be a priority from Long for Coach B if he stays.

i agree with the OP.

Coverage teams have been poor (and that’s being restrained).

It’s easy to blame Pittman on some misses but he seems to be doing a good job at UGA. CKA is NOT the answer.

Remember, I said I agreed with all, INCLUDING the bold face (special teams). My only point is it’s hard to blame anyone for how Hedland performed. He was an All-American high school kicker and made the kicks in practice. Should he have been trotted out against TCU, especially the second time? Probably not. But I agreed with HurstHawg.

Yea, I think OP nailed it, the Special Teams continue to be below average and have cost the Hogs some games.

One other thing that seems to happen every year is the slow start, which factors into the yearly A&M loss.

The lack of effort and fight this team showed at South Carolina is what I blame the entire staff and team for!
Special teams is anything but special. No time has been spent on special teams and it shows. Zero returns for a TD by us since he’s been here. We sure give them up!

The defense got us beat last year and the changes he made in order to bring pressure and blitz this year is the same junk defense so far!

Nothing has looked good out of the hogs since the first seconds clicked off the clock in the Belk Bowl last season.

Agreed on all the above.

I would add the coaching hires he’s made have been sub par. He blamed losing assistants at Wisky on Alverez. He claimed that Barry wouldn’t pony up the $$$$$.
We all know that’s a load of crap now.

I think we all realize that he’s in way over his head and that he’s been paid way to much money for his 10-25 SEC record.